Giggireyna's name is derived from "Giggi" the monster and "reyna" which in Fillipino means "Queen", so the entire meaning of her name is "Giggi queen".

Monster Type

Pseudo Wyvern


Tundra and the Drowned Caverns.


Anything it can kill and freeze in its caves.

Interesting Facts...

1) It doesn't jump up to the ceilings of caves (due to its emense abdomin) , it climbs the walls of the caves up to the ceiling instead.

2) Its abdomin has three pores: The two larger ones produse eggs while the smallest one squirts a poisonous liquid.

3) It is even more fertile than the Gigginox.

4) It uses poison attacks less frequently.

5) Its unnerving talons are clearly visible.


1) Gigginox charge+bite

2) Gigginox bite

3) Jumpback poison ball (inflicts poison)

4) poison ball (inflicts poison)

5) Barioth tailswipe

6) Barioth tailswipe+lay egg (it lays the egg where the tail swipe stops [near the head])

7) Barioth tailswipe+poison beam from the tail (pison beam happens simultatiously with the tail swipe)

8) Lay egg (may be used on the ceiling)

9) Shoot egg (it raises its tail like a scorpion's then fires an egg [ egg explodes upon ground contact and all of the Giggi jump out of the explosion imediatly {if hit directly by the egg you are inflicted with the status "Egged"}]) (may be used on the ceiling [shoots downwards])

10) Shoot egg rapid fire (shoots three eggs in rapid succesion [rage mode only])(may be used on the ceiling [shoots downwards])

11) Lay egg on back (same move as a G-rank Gigginox [ it can have up to 3 eggs on its back at a time])(may be used on the ceiling)

12) Poison beam from the tail ( it raises its tail like a scorpion's then shoots a beam from side-to-side)(may be used on the ceiling [shoots downwards])

13) Pin move ( raises its tail like a scorpion's then shoots a web-like substance that then pins you to the ground)

14) Gigginox bogy slam

15) Gigginox poison body slam (inflicts poison)

16) Gigginox poison body slam+lay egg (inflicts poison [tail arches over the head and the egg is laid in front of the head])

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