So you thought you knew the monsters, eh?  Well, prepare for the biggest surprise of them all, Literally!

Giga VD


Giga-Velocidrome looks like the standard Velocidrome, same skin, same crest, same scales, with one major difference, it is gigantic in size, and much stronger than its smaller cousin.


All the basic attacks of the regular Veloci, but stronger. Below is a list of new attacks.

Giga Crusher Stomp (Pin)- Giga-Veloci raises one foot up and brings it down on the hunter.  If it connects, the hunter will be trapped under the monsters foot, as it continuously stomps upon the hunter.  If the hunter is not able to get out in time, Giga-Veloci will bring its foot on the hunter hard, then drag its foot back, sending the hunter flying.

Maul (Pin)- Giga-Velocidrome will kick at the hunter, sending him/her to his back.  It will then grab the hunter in its jaws and starts shaking him/her around, causing continuous damage.  If the hunter is not able to break out in time, Giga-Veloci will raise its head up and throw the hunter to the ground, causing massive damage.

Swallow (Spec. Pin)- Giga-Velocidrome will roar loudly, stunning the hunter.  Once the hunter is stunned, Giga-Veloci will pick him/her up with its jaws, and swallow them down.  Once swallowed, continuous damage will be dealt, and Giga-Veloci will be able to walk to other areas.

'Regurgitate (Spec. Pin)' Should Giga-Velocidrome arrive in an area with a regular Velocidrome and Velociprey while the hunter is still swallowed, it will regurgitate the hunter, and the regular Velocidrome will do its pin attack (MH4) while Giga-Veloci goes goes back to the area you first met.

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