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First Appearence


Ghraka is the largest Fanged Wyvern in recorded history. It has abilties unparalled to any other monster such as being able to combine to types of element move's such as lightning and water. Other monster's in relation Raviente.


Geyser Island


Hydronized Shock Wave, is an attack mixed up of two elements water and thunder it's a high powered water gun with a weak electrical field around it causing any monster or hunter to be paralyzed.

Shock Gas, is a small gas-like thunderbreath used to paralyze it's food providing that meal can even provide a challenge for this behemoth.

Spear, will be where the Ghraka will do a backflip into the water swim to the depth's to where it can't be seen and with quick agility it will swim to the top with tremendous speed and leap out onto any unlucky creature, this attack damaged may also be doubled with an electrical field around it.

Claw Strike, Ghraka will use it's claws as knife's striking the ground, if a hunter would have a pit-fall trap placed down the hunter could stay in the area Ghraka's about to strike next the pit-fall trap will get the hand stuck in the ground but be warned don't forget about the other claw.

Thunderstruck, Ghraka will only use this move as a last resort to kill all hunters or any monster lucky enough to have survived this long, Ghraka will use it's powers to spawn a thunderstorm with lightning striking the ground and sometime's it will target a certain hunter, and in this move you will see the move Wreckless Charge used more often.

Wreckless Charge, Ghraka will incase itself in lightning and will charge the enemy causing further damage and thunderblight.

Rising Ice Beam, Ghraka will fire the beam attack at the ground right in front of it and move it's head up towards the sky hiting any hunters will freeze them until they are hit or if they break free.

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