Geshir b
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A very strange and fast pseudowyvern living in areas with stable climates. It has cat-like features, similar to the Nargacuga and the Barioth. Has forward cat-like ears. Scales are dark blue and pale blue. The scales alternate between the two colors, and the pale blue scales seem to rise a bit higher than the dark blue ones, making it look as if the wyvern has stripes. Its belly is a lighter pale blue, with hints of grey. Its wings have devolved, no longer enabling it to fly. Instead, they have teared to individual layers enabling it to make fast leaps and jumps. The fingers on its forelegs have retractable claws. On its back are long sharp spikes full of poison. The spikes continue onto the tail, with six longer, thicker spikes forming on the tip of its tail. The skin around its mouth had been destroyed by the corrosive poison that drips from its fangs, its teeth baring at all times. The disfigurement forms when the wyvern reaches adulthood, when its poison starts increasing in potency. It is reported that young Geshir have normal mouths. The disfigurement, which forms into a grotesque smile, has given the wyvern the nickname "Smiling Wyvern". It has the amazing ability to render itself invisible due to its scales being able to dispel light. However, it is does not completely disappear, as the teeth it bares glow faintly when it turns invisible. It glows even more prominently in dark areas. This is said to be another feature of the powerful toxin it uses as a weapon. In rage mode its eyes turn blood-shot red, and purple hues can be seen on its glowing teeth.





Apparent attacks:

  • Bite, poisonous and lowers defense. When enraged the poison becomes level 2, sapping health faster
  • Poison spit, induces poison and lowers defense. Level 2 poison when enraged
  • Claw slash
  • Lunge attack, faster when enraged
  • Tail side whip (see Nargacuga), poisonous, becomes level 2 poison when enraged
  • 180 degree turn (see Akantor), but faster. Only has a low chance to induce poison
  • Fake charge where it backs away and charges at the hunter at first. When it gets close, it lunges at the hunter and does a quick 360 spin, hitting with tail, claws, and fangs. 100% chance for poison

Parts breakable

are the bared teeth, the head, spikes on back, wings, and the tail has to be broken first before it can be severed.


Geshir Fang, Geshir Scale, Geshir Carapace, Geshir Needle, Geshir Great Needle (from tail), Geshir Tail, Geshir Claw, Geshir Filament (from wings), Mirroring Scales (rare), Geshir Skull (rare), Bane Fang (rare)