Nicknames: Gara, Raji
Titles: Rampaging Water Wyvern
Other Info
Description: A large Piscine Wyvern only known from tales.
Species: Piscine Wyvern
Habitats: Underwater Ruins
Other monsters in Relation: Lavasioth
Elements: 18px
Ailments: 18px
Weaknesses: 18px
Signature move: Super charge.
Creator: Azo369 for Setheo's Monster Hunter Project Gigas

'The Garajiko is a long, slender Piscine Wyvern which has only been recently discovered inhabiting the Underwater Ruins, It has extremely hard Scales which are a bright Silver colour, when enraged a bright blue aura will be seen around it. It's head is shaped similar to that of a Lavasioth but it has a array of sharp fin-like spikes on the top of it's head, as well as this it has three spikes on it's chin which are very long which it uses to break hard shells before eating any prey.

They have rather short necks compared to their elongated body, their bodies possess 3 large fins down the monsters back, and two very large fins at the side of its body to aid it for swimming, these fins are a more pale silver and are scarred, they are also very sharp so it can be used as weapons.

The body is very bulky as it requires a large amount of prey to feast upon to live, it has small legs which are only now used to aid it in swimming as it has no need to prowl the land unless forced to, if this occurs it will be at a great disadvantage, finally is the tail which is large and covered in sharp spikes at the end of the fins to kill prey or other monsters.

Monster Hunter Project Gigas
A large Silver Piscine Wyvern only found in the Underwater Ruins. The Garajiko preys mainly on Epioth, it finds them by leaving the Underwater Ruins momentarily to find them. Many other monsters may get in its way such as Leviathans or even Plesioth, if they engage in combat with it they find themselves soon to be the Garajiko's next meal...

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