Frigid Malaonkuko-Ibon
Nicknames: Malaon, Ibon, Therizino
Titles: Frozen Clawed Bird
Other Info
Description: Look below.
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Tundra
Other monsters in Relation: Malaonkuko-Ibon
Elements: Ice
Ailments: Snowman, Iceblight
Weaknesses: Fire and Water
Signature move: Triple Claw Swipe-Butt Slam Combo, Ice Beam
Creator: BannedLagiacrus

Frigid Malaonkuko-Ibon is a unique Bird Wyvern Subspecies found exclusively in Monster Hunter Frontier: New World. This Bird Wyvern is first fought in High Rank and later on in G-Rank along with the Malaonkuko-Ibon.


The Frigid Malaonkuko-Ibon is covered in blue-white feathers and has similar traits to the normal one. Unlike it though, its mohawk is longer and its claws are frozen with ice. Its eyes are blue and they turn red in Rage Mode.


Frigid Malaonkuko-Ibons have only been spotted in the Tundra, where large populations of them are seen in the forest.

Attacks and Moves

Its attacks are all very similar to the normal one and it fights just like the normal one in High Rank but changes in G-Rank.

More attacks to come when 4.0 is released.


Blademaster Set

  • Fire ?
  • Water ?
  • Ice ?
  • Thunder ?
  • Dragon ?

Skills: Coming Soon.

Gunner Set

  • Fire ?
  • Water ?
  • Ice ?
  • Thunder ?
  • Dragon ?

Skills: Coming Soon.


  • The Frigid Malaonkuko-Ibon is very different from the normal one in G-Rank.
  • To restore its stamina, it will feed on trees in Zone 1 of the Tundra.

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