Bairu woke up to see small snow flakes drifting down towards his nose. His blue eyes followed the snow flake until it touched the tip of it. Ran let out a small yawn and stretched her small wings. Rah did the same. Blaze and Jade were just finihing up breakfast when the chicks woke up. Bairu's eyes widened in surprise. "Its Christmas!!!!!!!!! Yay!! Wheres the presents did  Santa Ukanlos come!?" Bairu Said in an anxious tone."Stop you fool Frost and his family are still asleep"Rah Said slapping Bairu with his wing. "We're already awake" Frost said happily. Blaze passed around cooked meat to everyone."Ran Come get your present " Jade said after they finished their breakfest. Ran' s eyes widened "Is this Honey!?"Ran cried "Yes dear"Her mother replied. Bairu got Hot meat. Rah got a hunters Book that was specially designed to be used by an intelligent monster such as himself.Frost got a small hat made from popo fur that gave extra warmth. His brothers and sisters got toys and other things.


Autis and his good friend Pesky were opening their gifts. "Thanks Autis I've always wanted a Jinouga Bowgun"Pesky said happily. "I got you a present too" Pesky pulled out a nicely wrapped Longsword."What sword is this?" He asked Pesky nodded to the package and Autis ripped it open to see a polished tigrex longsword. "Thanks man I love it!" Autis said hi fiving Pesky, Took me a while to get the parts but i pulled through.

Thus eveyone had a great christmas feasting on delacacies they could find on the isle. Honey Tea, Hot pickles and even Icecream with hotpeppers to even it out. 

New Years Came by faster than everyone expected. 

Frost was cuddled with his mother under the stars sound asleep. Autis and Pesky were out celebrating with other hunters until midnight. Bairu was still awake while his family was asleep. He was also staring at the stars.

Sparks head popped out of the water to be greeted by a full moon. He always loved the light of the moon. 

It seemed that everyone had a Great New year and a Great Christmas. 

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