Final Bravery
Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: Final Bravery
Author/s: CryoAkrid
First Debut: 26/03/2013
Number of Chapters: None
Current Status: Finished

It was suddenly dawn; the thought of the sun stoped me from trudging endlessly to my objective. The bright, blazing sun pierced through the branches of the ferns and shrubberies causing me to suddenly turn away from its blinding rays. As I sat there, glaring at the beams of sunlight I heard my furry comrade approach me and purr,  I watched him hold back a tear knowing that this will be our last task, our last feat our last challenge. He held out both of his furry arms, one of them holding a recently crafted staff with the tooth of a wyvern welded onto it. He looked at me and lowered his arms. We both knew what we needed to do...

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