"Is this form to your liking?" the darkness in front of Kazir asked.

Kazir stared at his refelction in the water before him that lead to the shadows ahead, lit by torches in the compact room, which was situated at the very top of the Frozen Spire, in the new city constructed by imperials- the City of Ice, Yukikaze.
Jin sprite sheet

Kazir's new apperance is the top left one.

He like this new body. Instead of his almost shoulder length white hair and milky white eyes, he now sported stylish, short-cropped golden-blonde hair and icy blue eyes, although they still maintained their serpentine pupils. He wore a stylish kimono-like military jacket which was white on the outside and blue on the inside, the edged folded over all the way down, like the collar of a shirt. Attached to the jacket were two pauldrons (made of the same material as the jacket) that extended into long white strips of fabric for an emphatic appearence, indicating a high rank within the military hierarchy. The edges of the jacket and the pauldrons was black. He wore leggings which were the same deep blue as the inside of his jacket, and a pair of steel-toes boots with flaps of white, blue-rimmed fabric hagning out, decorated with a black cross of the shins, and the toes were painted blue. He wielded a strange, exquisite-looking sword that he held with the blade facing behind him, sheathed away within a sky blue scabbard. A delicately crafted, ornate silver made up the handle.

"Yeah. Stylish. Nice sword. I'm aaaaaaaal set!" Kazir answered cheerfully, with an unusually calm tone of voice.

"Good. Well then..." the voice from the shadow echoed, " is high time we put our plan into action...find Gale Kaze's companions...retrieve the Yamiokami Gem...the heart...once I have it, we Wyrms can finally conquer this world..."

"Whatever it takes...Shinkaiyami," Kazir muttered wryly, a small chuckle escaping his lips.

The psychotic young man turned away from the small pool, and Shinkaiyami (or the shadow that he consisted of presently), and slowly stalked off, headed for the City of Fire once again.

To Be Continued in: Fate and Freedom X: Discovery

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