Tsubaki didn't remember much of her old home. Like Arashi, Rakurai and many other children, she'd been? sent to Hikari to be protected. Of course, Hikari had been destroyed before they arrived, so they were forced to live in squalor amidst the ruins. After eleven long years of hiding in the shadows, she was glad to see it again.

While Gale, Rakurai, Mizu and Arashi set up tents to sleep in while they waited for the Forgemen to arrive, Tsubaki was out exploring to broken remains of the village (she hadn't had much time when they had come here last, before they found Enshi)

She was standing at the grave of Helyna (which now had a gravestone, thanks to the others handiwork), adjacent to the grave shared by Gale's parents. She closed her eyes in reflection for a few moments before walking away to explore what she had yet to see.

Four Years Later

Tsubaki started in marvel at the now-townsized and fully restored village of Hyoku. She had seen it every day of her life for the last two years, when the Renovation was completed, but it still sort of shocked her, and rightly so. Anything and everythong the Forgemen made was always beautiful and durable at the same time, whether it be made of wood or metal. Hence why they were so widely renowned.

"It's so beautiful..." Tsubaki said with wonder, Arashi by her side. He turned her gently to face him and touched her face.

"Not as beautiful as you," he said quietly, and they kissed briefly.

"Now, then...Guild Hall? I'll bet the others are there by now, don't wanna be late!" Arashi chirped with excitement.

"Guild Hall it is," Tsubaki agreed with a smile.

The pair of them ran off, eager to find out what they would be hunting.

To Be Continued in: Fate and Freedom- Epilogue: Jinsoku Nakamura

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