=It was strange to see Sukai again after the long...months? It felt like years, but Skylar and her comrades never did keep count. Almost as soon as she jumped off off the cart with some other Ninjas, who were considerable older than her, she was greeted by lots of cheering villagers and other ninjas. She didn't really know what to do, but she didn't have to think about it as the tiny old lady that was the village elder came forward, holding an Melynx in her arms.

"It's good to see you again, Skylar. Eleven years, no?" she croaked happily. "Where is Altair?"

Skylar shook her head, still smiling, a little less this time.

"I see..." the Village Elder mumbled, then regained her happy composure. "Anyway, on a lighter note, I've a present for you," she added, happily handing the Melynx to Skylar. Skylar took hold of the Melynx, which purred in her arms.

"You know...I can walk on my own, nya...but I like being lazy once in a while, meow!" the? Melynx chuckled mischievously. Skylar giggled at the rougish Melynx, and accopanied the Village Elder back to her house for a recount of each other's version of events.

Four Years Later

A field of soft grass over looking the great town that was Hyoku. She didn't think it would look as good as it did up close,b ut she was wrong; it looked even better. She was sure that she could hear the people laughing admist the noise of the prosperous housing industry that had begun there two years ago. Such a niche in the market was understandable for Hyoku, though; they had always been good at making houses, especially with Dragonwood. She smiled to herself, turning to the Melynx beside her.

"So, whaddya say we go find the Guild Hall here and take on a Quest?" Skylar asked sweetly. "Might as well, as were right here and all." The Melynx purred and stroked it's chin for a moment.

"Alrighty, nya! This is the purrfect place to nab some shiny thi-um, I mean, go on a Quest, meow!" the Melynx exclaimed affirmatively.

"Now, now, what've I told you about sneaking around around and snatching other peoples' things?" Skylar asked rhetorically, placing her hadns on her hips and frowning at the Lynian the way a teacher might when you don't do your homework.

"I'm sorry, mistress...nya..." the Melynx apologized, bowing his head, abashed.

"Aw, it's okay! It's in your nature, after all. Just...try to go for the felvines instead, if you must nab something, okay?"

"Got it, meow!"

And with that, Skylar ran down the hill, her Melynx companin scampering after her, as fast as the wind could carry them.

To Be Continued in: Fate and Freedom- Epilogue: Gigas Honou

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