Jinsoku had buried Shinji's body next to Helyna's and Gale parents' graves, but it had no head stone. They had made Helyna one, but it had taken hourds, especially when there was barely any equipment that functioned well enough to work with stone. He would wait for the Forgemen to arrive and give all the graves proper, metal headstones (stone wore away far too easily- he didn't want these graves' occupants to be lost in time).

He had kept her Agnaktor gunner helmet when he had taken it off as she lay dying. With her bow gone (like his own)? he didn't have anything else to remember her by. He smiled, and talked to the grave stone for awhile, confident that wherever she was, she was listening.

He laid the helmt tentatively in front of the grave stone, and slowly walked away.

Four Years Later

Jinsoku rushed through theever-crowded streets of Hyoku, now a modern, fairly well-off town, thanks to the Forgemen's two years of painstaking work, but the best thing about the haven was that it still maintained the rustic fell that came with the dragonwood architecture, which was now elegantly combined with state-of the art metal to produce interesting, sturdy structures.

He had fulfilled what he promised those four years ago at the ruins of his home in the shadow of tyranny.

Now that there was peace, he could finally go back to what he was once and always will be: a monster hunter.

To Be Continued in: Fate and Freedom- Epilogue: Arashi Nagare + Rakurai Nagare

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