The remaining Kasaians-not just the soldiers: the entire city had been imprisoned in Yukikaze- finally reached their destination, jumping off and neatly laying the carts and their Popo drivers to one side. There were enough of them left to fill the city, but only just. They could repopuate over time though- there was no rush. Everybody still had enough money to live on, and more (that went for all the villages, towns and cities in the land), and it wasn't like everybody's wife or girlfriend had died- there were plent of women around...even if some of them where whores.

"The Iron Fortress. Home! At friggin' last..." Gigas grumbled, smoking yet another cigar. Enshi stood next to him, the almost middle-aged man, nodding in appreciation at huge, huge empty square that greeted you upon entering the City of FIre.

"Quite. And we will make? her great again. Our Forgemen will repair, our Scholars will teach and our Legions will defend. This always has been and always will be...great," Enshi said proudly. Gigas stayed silent, still gazing upon his beloved city.

"Speaking of which, it's about time you found a spouse, old one, before those cigarrettes are the death of you," Enshi joked heartily. Gigas coughed, removing the cigar from hsi mouth for a few moments to respond.

"Like you can talk! You're nearly as old as me! Besides, I don't need no woman; I'm married to my city," he said in his rather gruff, hoarse smoker's voice. "Now let's get this show on the road! We've got a village to renovate!"

Four Years Later

Gigas strolled down the winding road that let through the busy, prosperous streets of Hyoku, once a village, now a town. He looked at both sides as he walked, children playing happily, a lady browsing for fruit, a couple of hunters getting some armour made for them and a large group of drunk-as-hell friends stumbling out of the rebuilt tavern next to the Guild Hall, singing a merry tune that only another drunk could comprehend. Gone are the dyas where I could be that goddamn foolhardy. Hell, I'll be damned if I can even hold the damn stuff down! Gigas though with amused jealousy, making a beeline for the Guild Hall.

He was eager to see them again.

To Be Continued in: Fate and Freedom- Epilogue: Tsubaki Murakami

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