"It's good to see home again, even if it is wrecked. All those years of living in the darkness have finally paid off, I guess," Rakurai said happily. Arashi nodded.

"Yeah. No more oppression, no more running, no more hiding. Freedom. I guess this is what they mean when they say you don't appreciate what you've got until it's taken away."


A pause followed.

"...Well, might as well sleep. Nothing else to do here until the Forgemen get here," Arashi mused. "Besides, I'm tired."

"Alright then."

On that note, Rakurai extinguished the candle (not the safest thing to have, considering that they were inside a tent), and the two brothers rolled over to sleep.

Four Years Later

Rakurai quickly ran up beside Arashi and Tsubaki, all three of them fully armoured (unlike Gale, Mizu and Jinsoku, they had kept their respective Narga X, Ceadeus and Silver Rathalos equipment). They hadn't had a single day, hour, or even a moment of woe since that fateful final battle at the pinnacle of tyranny? four years ago.

"Word on the grapvine is that we're travelling to the new gladitorial arena in Chikyuu. What do you think we'll be facing?" Tsubakis aid, her words shaking as she ran.

"Who knows?" Arashi replied. "I'll be pretty peeved if they don't have a Uragaan today; it'd be a pain for it to be replaced with Deviljho like it was for the last porr contestants. The looks on thier faces! Ah, those front seats were priceless!"

"What's the matter? Too soft for piece of 'Jho?" Rakurai taunted.

"Shut up!" Arashi nudged him playfully.

Whatever it is they were hunting, they would soon find out.

To Be Concluded in: Fate and Freedom- Epilogue: Gale Kaze + Mizu Nagare

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