The Life of a Monster: Volume I: Moga Woods
Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: The Life of a Monster: Volume I: Moga Woods
Author/s: Dinoman21
First Debut: April 20, 2012
Number of Chapters: 2
Current Status: Ongoing
  1. 1.Great Jaggi
  2. 2.Qurupeco
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  4. -----

Chapter 1: Great Jaggi, the Jaggi Lord

In the Moga Woods the calm Aptonoth and their young are feeding tranquily. Then there is a series of yaps coming from a Jaggi that we will name Sevron . As Sevron moves closer the male Aptonoth turns while the female and child run away. Once the female and child are safe the male confronts the menace. He then starts to swing his spiked tail to try and ward off Sevron. But it is to no avail for Sevron was not alone: We hear a loud call and several other Jaggi burst from the brush led by the pack leader: The Great Jaggi who we shall call Torvan. The male Aptonoth now knows that he cannot win this fight starts to flee, Then Torvan emits a howl and the jaggi pounce all over the aptonoth. As the first jaggi leaps on the Aptonoth's back the aptonoth rears and bucks him off . Then 3 more jaggi including Sevron clamber up the side of the aptonoth and sink their teeth into the ridge on its back. Torvan than finishes the Aptonoth with a hipcheck followed by sinking his teeth into the neck killing the aptonoth. The jaggi then drag the carcasse back to their den and gorge themselves on the rich meat.

3 years later

Sevron is maturing into a full grown Great Jaggi and is now nearly the size of Torvan. Torvan is now 15 years old and weakening. Nearly a month later we hear 2 growls as Sevron and Torvan are fighting over who leads the pack. With a growl we hear Sevron start to circle around Torvan. Torvan with his many years of expierence does not fall for that trick. Sevron then lunges with a savage bite that leaves a large gash. As Torvan turns to inspect the wound his head is smacked by a spiked tail. Bleeding in the leg and head Torvan knows he has lost this battle. Sevron knows it to and with a mighty hipcheck he sends Torvan sprawling. The jaggi now recognize Sevron as the leader. Torvan and his mate leave the pack to never be seen again.

2 years later

Sevron has grown in strength and knowledge, now a full fledged Great Jaggi he has gained the right to mate with the Jaggia. He has helped the Jaggia produce many whelps. He has increased the packs size and strength not only with raising welps, but also fighting off a rivaling packs leader for dominance of moga woods Jaggi. He has slayed many aptonoth and even some rhenoplas when he travels with his pack to the Sandy Plains when food is scarce. He has even brought down Royal Ludroth and Qurupeco when they entered his territory.

8 years later

Sevron is now 17 years old and weakining. He hears a distant roar of a Rathalos, knowing that the Rathalos will eat all of the aptonoth he goes off to remove the threat. As he sees the crimson red he goes to challenge the Rathalos for the food. He howls and his jaggi go in to attack the this crimson threat. The Rathalos sweeps them aside and bite Sevrons head instantly killing it. Thus ends the life of a Great Jaggi

Chapter 2: Qurupeco, The Mimic Wyvern

In area 10 in the moga woods we hear a splash and a angry growl. We then hear a series of splashes as a Qurupeco is trying to catch its favorite prey: fish. He then turns and stalks off still angry at the evasiveness of the slippery prey. We then hear a roar and a flash off lightning that has signaled the arrival of a Lagiacrus. Qurupeco knowing that he is out matched starts using his signature ability: mimicing other monsters. He then inflates his scarlet throat sac and initiates a hawk-like call that a Royal Ludroth will always respond to. As he is finishing calling he nimbly dodges out of the way of a Lightning Ball that was shot by Lagiacrus knowing that he cant fly out of this conflict because of a rathalos nest at the top of the mountain, he coughs up some flammable globs of liquid. 2 out of 3 make contact and the Lagiacrus rears its head from the stench. The Qurupeco noticing the spongy yellow mane of the Royal Ludroth starts to run towards area 9 as the Royal Ludroth confronts the Lagiacrus. As he reaches area 5 he starts to flap his wings and flys to the Sandy Plains. As he lands in Area 9 he surveys the area, and as he reaches the conclusion he starts to take a well deserved sleep. As he wakes up he notices the Great Jaggi that is howling at him. As he starts to call the Great Jaggi flee from the screeching of a rathian. As the Qurupeco looks at this new threat he starts to flap his wings to get out of the way. Barely evading the attack he swings his tail which then flings dirt and rocks into Rathian's eyes. With Rathian suffuciently distracted he flys to area 6. When he reaches there he lays down for his final rest, because inadverdantly all the commotion attracted a Deviljh which then ate the Qurupeco.

Chapter 3: Royal Ludroth: The Aquatic Predator

We come to Area 9 were we find a Royal Ludroth surrounded by Ludroth. The R. Ludroth does not fear anything in the deserted island except for the Lagiacrus, Rathalos, Rathian, and the occasional Deviljho. When R.Ludroth are born they look just like a normal ludroth. At about 1year they start growing a mane and getting bigger. At 2–4 years they reach their maximum size and grow their destinct frill. At this point they are called Royal Ludroth. At this age they will fight to lead the group of ludroth. Usually the bigger ones win and the other ones have to go look for a different group to conquer.

Anyway back to Area9, the melynxes in this area dare not bother the Ludroth pack. But there is something that might: Qurupeco. This Bird Wyvern is able to copy the distinct call of the R. Ludroth to perfection, and therefor can confuse the Ludroth as to who they attack. Even though the Royal Ludroth has the physical advantage over the Qurupeco it is still wary for it is weak to fire and cannot fly. The R.Ludroth now contracts his back legs and then forcefully pushes off the ground with them, its front legs pulling back to give it velocity. He jumps a good 20 feet and sends the Qurupeco sprawling with a leaping tackle. Qurupeco with one of its legs broken, flees from the mighty Royal Ludroth.

3 years later

The Royal Ludroth now a full grown male, leads the pack for a meal of some Epioth in the Flooded Forest. As they reach area 6 they hear a low growl. The growl belongs to a Gobul that has noticed the R. Ludroth . Has it nears the Royal Ludroth it lifts its lantern and starts flashing it. The R. Ludroth now stunned is now the prey. The Gobul taking the advantage lifts it's giant maw and starts sucking in the Royal Ludroth. The Royal Ludroth tries to resist and succeeds. The Gobul now sensing that there is a monster higher up on the food chain nearby, flees. The Royal Ludroth, realizing that the Gobul gave up on a meal, starts to think there is something wrong here. As he turns around to flee he hears the loud roar of a Lagiacrus. Now thoroughly outmatched it starts to flee. But it is to late as the Lagiacrus releases a lightning ball at it. Thus Ends the Life of a Royal Ludroth

The Lagiacrus: The Lord of the Seas


The Lagiacrus is a force to be reckoned with. It didn't start out that way though, it had to grow and survive to be able to be the alpha of the seas. Lagiacruses usually live for at most 30 years though many die out before their 10th year. But before it can become the top predator that it is today, it has to be born and that is where we start on the life of a Lagiacrus Lagiacruses are born from eggs. They are laid on land and are tended by the mother. The egg usually takes 2–4 weeks to hatch. When the Lagiacrus hatches it is only a 2–3 feet long. For 4–7 months the parents take care of the Lagiacrus much like a bird take care of their babies. As the Lagiacrus grows it gets little nubs on its back and its head. These nubs will grow to be electric conducting spines and horns. The majority of Lagiacruses don't live longer than 6–10 months because the mother or father is killed by other predators.


The Lagiacrus is now 4 years old and is growing fast. It needs large quantites of food for it to become bigger. An adolescent lagiacrus is able to intake, depending on size, 200-500 pounds of food a day or the equivalent to 2 -4 molids, or 1-2 epioth. As the Lagiacrus matures it's original nubs are now foot long spines and horns capable of producing 3,000-5,000 volt's of electricity. It is now 10–15 feet in length and weighs a ton and a half. It's forelimbs are good paddles for swimming and good legs for walking. It also has grown it's distinctive hood. Scientists speculate that the hood is for absorbing heat and keeping it's body warm. It is now capable of driving off a Royal Ludroth and Gobul. It's main competer now is the Plesioth and Ceadeus.


At 8 years of age the Lagiacrus is now an adult and can take on a Plesioth. It weighs at most 3 tons. It's Shell Shockers and Horns are fully developed electrical parts. It's main prey is the Epioth. Now it's most dangerous competitors are Plesioth and Lagiacrus. It is now able to sustain itself on land prey. It's main enemy on Land is the Rathalos, Rathian, Jinouga, Bracchidos, and the occasional Deviljho. As it is cold-blooded it needs to be able to absorb and keep heat in its body. It does this by sunbathing in Area 5. The Jaggi know better than to wake it up from its slumber, but there is something that might. The Rathalos flying overhead spots the Lagiacrus sunbathing in its territory. Seeing this as an affront to its power, it swoops down and lands right next to the Lagiacrus. It roars it's challenge and the Lagiacrus wakes up. Noticing the powerful flying wyvern right next to it. It slithers away from it, Rathalos is not done yet though and takes to the air. Lagiacrus seeong the Rathalos circling it in the air, discharges a large electrical ball that hits the Rathalos's wing. The Rathalos now grounded releases a fireball at the Lagiacrus. The Lagiacrus realizing that it needs to end this quickly slithers up to the rathalos and coils around its body. After it's coiled it releases over 1200 volts of electricity in to the Crimson flying wyverns hide. The Rathalos is now feeling the effects of 1200 volts of electricity and falls to the ground dead. As the Lagiacrus eat's it's hard fought meal he doesn't notice the Rathian right behind until it releases it's fire explosion killing the Lagiacrus. Thus ends the Life of the Lagiacrus

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