793 A.H.

"Oi, Mex, what's the holdup? I've got better places to be than in a stinking desert.”

'Nya, don't get your underway in a tweest. We're just myaking repairs.'

' Well make 'em faster, these goods aren't going to Loc Lac by themselves. '

The man, having made his point, moves into his cabin of the sandship, a 30 yard model that has two ballista. He removes a map from his desk, and places it onto the table. “So, were about 60 miles from Loc Lac, and presuming that nothing happens to us along the way, we'll be there in around a day or two.” He says to the man equipped with gigantic sword and armor made out of a monster's hide. “So, you'll be paid 2000 zenny for your services.” With that he shuts drawer. Then a gigantic shudder ripples through the boat. “What the hell was that?” The sandship's captain swore. “I think we should find out, if you don't mind.” With that the hunter hurry up the stairs to the decking, only to narrowly avoid a gigantic tusk smashing him into a pulp. “I do believe that would be a Jhen.” He unstraps his behemoth of a blade, and jumps onto the monster's head. He then hurries around to the eye, and bashes it with the flat of his blade. “Take that!” he exclaims. The monster flinches in pain as the ocular orb is smashed by the blade.

Suddenly, the ground begins to tremble and shake, and the sky turns into a blackish reddish haze. Then reddish bolts of energy dashed across the ominous atmosphere, and the ground began to shudder.

“What in the almighty Jho's name is going on here!?” The captain shouted.

“This never happened before,” The hunter replied in kind “ But I'm guessing it has to do with that ominous shadow in the sky.”

'Shadow in the sky?' The captain muttered as he rotated around, just in time to see a dark blur surronded by red lightning shatter the main sand mast. “Oi, you lot remove that sail, and load your cannons!” The sailor said, only to hear a huge huge clap of thunder rip through the air leaving only behind white noise and a Jhen that was just electrocuted to death.

“ So this is how it ends for me. Well at least I won't be paying the hunter for his services.” the captain murmured, just as a pair of large horns and the head in between them appeared out of the darkness. Then the face opened it's jaws, and revealed a large set of teeth, and emitted a faint reddish glow, then ejected a beam of intense power at the ship, and that was what the captain last saw with his eyes as the sands turned red and became glass..

The Tale of the Blighted Dragon .

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