Legend of The Clans
Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: Legend of The Clans
Author/s: Master Ceadeus 27
First Debut: 12/24/2012
Number of Chapters: 1
Current Status: Ongoing
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Thou cannot hope to believe in what thou cannot understand. Thy kingdom will fall from leadership under false banners. Thou should be weary of those who antagonize, and destroy, and poison thy brothers whilst they remain without knowledge of your actions. Those who hate...only hate because it is what they know of as life. Those who love knew only love as their life took place. But keep my last words in your mind forever... ... ... Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

The fortress of Fyrulos Kingdom sat grand on top of the ancient mountain it was built upon. On this great day, the Six Clans of Fyrulos Kingdom were coming together to celebrate the Binding of The Gems, the Wyvern Banquet, and most of all, the re-sealing of the Bound Runes. This was an especially thrilling event, as the Bound Runes were not known to be re-sealed commonly. A hundred year stretch was not common, even. Usually it was five-hundred years would it need reset. This time, however, the times had been getting progressively shorter, they believed.

The Bound Runes were ancient artifacts of pure power left behind by the old gods. They contained and consisted of pure distilled power of the elements and wyverns. They formed a helm when in use over their master's head, and gave him the form of an abomination.

However... they blinded those who used them. They blinded them to any danger... and thus, for this, the users were subdued and the ancient tribe that once used them, known as the Fatalis Clan, (A coven of wyvern-like people who thrived in darkness)were imprisoned in a hellish place known as the Surreal Realm.

But now, the ancient tribe was awakening, and there would be wars in provinces, riots on the streets...

There are many legends tied to this old tale. But now, a new legend's seed is about to be sown... A legend that will be forged by your own hand.


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