Hunting: The Strength of Hard Work
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Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: Hunting: The Strength of Hard Work
Author/s: Patrick Huynh (a.k.a CrazyFlasher100)
First Debut: April 27, 2013
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Current Status: Ongoing

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<In the Andromeda galaxy, a spiral galaxy like our own, exists a world parallel to Earth. Unlike our world however, where giant creatures like dragons are myths and dinosaurs are extinct, this other world must compete with similar monsters. Those monsters range from small as a normal house cat(can you guess its name?) to the size of a full-blown battle ship. These monster can be pleasant, like the Felyne, or can so fearsome like the Deviljho which can reduce its surrounding to a desert if left unchecked. In order to keep the worsts of the monsters at bay, guilds began sprouting all over the continents taking jobs and requests from those in need, for a price of course.

Each quest is than given a rank in stars, the more stars that are assigned to a quest, the more dangerous it is. The members of these guilds are called hunters, men and women who take up arms in order to gather capture or kill monsters that they request or assigned by the guilds. Each hunter starts off at lowest rank #1, and are given 1 star quests until they reach the rank of 10. 2 star quests are given to those ranking 11 to 20, 3 star to rank 21-30, 4 star quests to those with ranking 31-40. The 5 star ranks are only give to those who are rank 41-50. While 5 star quests are considered to be the deadliest of missions, it is said that the guild holds quests that are past 5 stars in ranking.

The Hunters going on quests need to use weapons, traps, potions and other types of bait in order to take down these dangerous creatures. Weapons and armor that beginner hunters use are bought at the local weapon store most of the time. These weapons and armor are mostly weak and only effective against lesser monsters and are often little to no affect on the larger mosnters. The true genious of making weapons comes from hunters and blacksmiths gathering and carving into the monsters they kill, taking skin, scales, horns, ores, and etc. These new materials are then brought to the blacksmith with armor and weapons, combining them to make the weapons futher capable of cutting through the tougher hides of advanced monsters and armor that will keep the wearer from serious injury. (Now that the basic ideas of a hunter is explained, the actual prologue can occur. More information will be written to further explain information about the Monster Hunter World)

During the night of a full moon, the fishing ships just arrived back from Treasure Cove to the floating village of Moga Woods. As the crew began to unload the barrels full of scatterfish, sushifish and starfish onto the dock pier, and the fishermen began their treck home for a nights sleep, a pair hunters stepped off the sea-worn ship onto the eerie quiet dock.

Both hunters wore a knight style mask to cover their faces from debre and sand in the sea air. One hunter was obviously female, she wore a white headress that framed her face with red and blue outlines, her torso was covered with an sleeveless armor/blouse, with a diamond cut at her stomach that showed her firm abs. The armor had metal bands moving towards the diamond, with stubby black spikes lined in the front surrounding the diamond cut; there was also two black silver plates underlining where he breast would be without the armor. She wore two armor strips (looks like sweat bands) covered with blue tear-shaped jems that was connected with two separate thin strips of earthmetal to a pair of white gauntlets with large and sharp white scales covering the brace. Her skirt was covered with finely hammered scales and the front of her armor skirt held a large tuff of pure snow-white fur, hung on a brown leather utility belt. The boots worn reaches up to her shapely and toned thighs, sectioned into 5 from thigh to knee with spikes sticking out the sides; from knee to ankle held metal infused scales that seemed to hang over the plated shoes. At the height of 5 ft 9, her body showed signs of being well toned, fit and shapely, proof of her abilities as a high rank hunter. On her back she carried a strang long sword that seemed to glow. The hilt was covered with onix rings jutting out and a snow white handle, at end held a blue crystal shaped like a fang that glowed with the intensity of the moon. The wrist guard was two purple spikes infused to the handle of the sword, on the front of the blade was colored an icy blue with the side facing the user when wielded being covered with what seemed to be icicles (imagine the sword as the Hellish Slasher Long Sword but fill in the color as stated). On her armor, hung a charm, enscribed on it was the name "Hyoga Kara, the Tundra Mistress".

The male hunter that stood next to her wore a helm that covered his jaw and cheeks with bone plating. The helm sporting two bent horns the size of his forearms, making the frame helm was painted red and the horns painted crimson in swirls and two tear shaped indents on both sides. The helm's design was made to look similar to that of a thick human skull with one eyesocket glowing, pointed teeth lined in a smile and bull horns. Inscribed onto the horns were the words "Pathfinding Eye". The hunter wore a tunic made >

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