Final Fight - Memories of The Balance
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Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: Final Fight - Memories of The Balance
Author/s: Cybuster100
First Debut: May 21, 2013
Number of Chapters: 12

(including Prologue)

Current Status: Postponed

Chapter 1 - From Darkness and Light, Father's Gifts:,_Father%27s_Gifts Chapter 2 - My First Round, And I need to Win:,_And_I_need_to_Win! Chapter 3 - My First Victory! One step closer to the Council!:!_One_step_closer_to_The_Council! Chapter 4 - The Bigger they are, the Tougher they stay down:,_the_Tougher_they_stay_down Chapter 5 - My Next Battle: Shinzo is breaking!?:!%3F

Chapter 6 - I introduce to you... Konton!:!


One hero defies all odds to save a village from the destruction of some monsters under a virus that revives them after they died, but at the cost of their souls diminishing. As the hero finally defeats the source of the virus, he is infected during the fight with the source of the virus, and dies. The villagers move toward the palace of the source, and they discover their hero and their threat both dead. Engraved on his tombstone is the phrase, “With red eye and blue heart, he shall return to bring balance to the soul of the world…”.Next to his grave is the hero’s favored and crafted weapon, the huge Iron Dragon’s wing, Tamashi. A year after the hero died, the villagers discovered other towns when they realized that their village is not the only village in danger. After 6 months, the leaders in all the villages and kingdoms had a meeting. They decided to raise a tournament and the winners would become the protectors of their village or kingdom. The protectors also met each other and started their organization, “Magnus Council”, named after the hero, Magnus. The protectors are as follows: The fiery LS protector from kingdom “Hono”, Kira. The twin tornadoes of the kingdom “Kaze”, the dual wind slasher, Draknir and the cyclone blaster, Rhimstol. The frozen ice wall of the kingdom “Kori”, the cold-blooded Lance barricade, Tsurara. The tidal wave of the “Mizu” village, the hydra’s crusher, Ekitai;  and the bolt of the “Dendo” village, the successor of Garuda’s power, Kaminari. They protect the village at an early age, hoping to get their last spot filled in by one person from the same village Magnus came from, the “Soul” village. This is the village where the tale starts. The tale of Sol, who is the son of Magnus, who has inherited the eye from Death, and the heart from Dai Tenshi.

Additional Chapters (this is because infobox template will overload and overlap the prologue if i add all the chapters there)

Chapter 7: Chapter 8:!

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:,_Not_WITH

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