Born of Darkness Characters
Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: Born of Darkness Characters
Author/s: Syntarus
First Debut: 4/4/2013
Number of Chapters: 1
Current Status: Ongoing
Affiliated with "Born of Darkness"

This is not a character list, but rather a collection of short stories I wrote involving the characters in "Born of Darkness" The purpose behind these (Well, currently one) was to help me understand the characters, and become able to write more using them.

This first story, involving Ophelia, more commonly called by her hunting name of Rain in "Born of Darkness" , focuses on her hunting a Congalala.

Ophelia danced quickly thorugh the Jungle, her twin swords blazing. She grinned as she saw the Congalala up ahead in a small clearing. She adjusted her body and slowed down, carefull not to startle the beast.

She calculated a way  to slay the beast without damaging it's pelt or head. The rich client had wanted the head intact to use as a wall mount, and the pelt to make a rug. She frowned at his extravagance. She took the job for the money, the pay was good and she needed it, but she hated those who showed off things things they didn't deserve.

However, lost in her thought, she failed to notice the changing of the winds. Her scent was blown towards the Congalala, which lifted it's head form the mushrooms it had been chewing on, and turned towards her.

She cursed quietly, and sheathed her blades. She pulled a steak packet from her bag, opened it, and rubbed it with some sleep herbs that she had spotted on the forrest floor earlier. She would have to capture it, it was the only way.

Cautiously, she raised her hands and moved forward slowly, and the Congalala looked at her suspiciously. She placed the steak on the ground and dashed back towards the trees. The Congalala slowly walked up to the steak and Ophelia primed a shock trap for the chance that this didn't work. The Congalala picked up the steak with it's tail, and sniffed it. It noticed something was wrong. It threw the steak towards her, and she grabbed it, saving it for what she had to do next.  She moved into the clearing and set down the shock trap, pressing the center button and activating it. The Congalala charged.

It got stuck in the shock trap, and she acted quickly, forcing the steak and some of the remaining sleep herbs down the Congalalas mouth. All she had now was to hope it would work. It began to shrug off the effects of the shock trap, and moved to charge again. It started the charge, which was slower than normal, and she dodged easily. She smiled sadly. She wasn't pleased with what would happen to the beast, but a job was a job. It slowly turned, and started to collapse upon itself. She fumbled in her bag  for her flare gun, and sent up a capture flare. It was done.

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