Blood of the Beast: Part 2
Description and Information
Fan Fiction Name: Blood of the Beast: Part 2
Author/s: Rikimaru2321
First Debut:
Number of Chapters: 3
Current Status: Ongoing
  1. Fanfic:Blood of the Beast
  2. Fanfic:Blood of the Beast: Part 2
  3. Fanfic:Blood of the Beast: Part 3

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This is the third chapter in my fanfiction Blood of the Beast. I hope you enjoy it!

Rik thanked the nurse as she gave him back his equipment. it had been a week since he, Zoey, Tarrow and Lance had helped Rust take down a rampaging Gold Crown Barroth. Tarrow hadn't needed to be hospitalised, she had escaped with minor injuries. Lance's ribs were badly broken, and Zoey was put in a wheelchair for her leg. Rik's injuries, while not as severe as Lance or Zoey's, was less easily mended. He had suffered a lot of internal bleeding, and allot of the Barroth's mud had entered his lungs. As a result he had spent more time in hospital than the others. He walked out of the hospital and was met by Lance, Tarrow and Zoey, standing near the entrance. "Come on, we're gonna be late." Lance said when Rik reached them. "Late?" Rik asked, puzzled. What were they late for? "Did you forget? We only had a week after our placement with Rust before our graduation." Zoey said, still in her wheelchair. "Oh! I completely forgot about that." They hurried over to the Training centre for their graduation.

Rik stood in line at the training hall, waiting to be formally presented his 'first' weapon, as well as some zenny to start off with. Lance was already standing in the group next to the podium, as part of those who had successfully graduated. On the other side of the podium was a small group, made up of those who had not met the necessary requirements to be officially recognised by the Guild as hunters. As the latest graduate, a readhead with small, piggy eyes and a rather large nose, walked off the podium, the Guild official called in a clear, deep voice,

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