Monsters That first appear in this game

Black Deviljho, Wilolu, Jetorius, Lycan, Alpha Lycan, Cobri, King Cobri, Queen Cobri, Coatal, Obsidiark, Boaconda, Jourmongand, Hydrus, Basiliskus, Vampirak


Low Rank

High Rank 



Village: Lakeview Village

Farm: Lakeview farm

City: Central City, the Center of Revalius

Hunting Areas                                      Free hunt?                      # of areas (not including base camp)

Lakeview Woods                                     yes                                    12  

Grassy Plains                                          yes                                    12

Fogbound swamp                                    yes                                     12

Parched Desert                                       yes                                     10

Winterheld Tundra                                   yes                                      10

Scorched Volcano                                  yes                                       9

Seashell Beach                                     yes                                        13

Open Ocean                                         no                                            2

Sacred Ruins                                        no                                           2

Wilolu forest                                         yes                                         12

Ravenous Temple                                 no                                            6

Undersea Temple                                  no                                            4

Vast desert                                           no                                           8


This is the fan game that is based on the fan fic of the same name, by Gojira57.

I (Gojira57) will be using this as a reference when i add monsters and areas to the story. although the names of the areas may be different. That, and Aqua came to moga, rather than stayed in Revalius, so that makes an even bigger difference. That can be changed though.


-Seasons in lakeview woods. 

the selection monsters there will be different every season.

example: Aptonoth appear from spring to fall, but popo wioll appear during the winter, bullfango stay all year round.

Spread sheet comming soon.

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