Monster Hunter EX is a fan game by Gojira57. It can be played on the 3DS, Wii U, or PC. 


Monster Hunter EX 6.0 Sneak peaks!

  1. A new region means a whole new adventure!

Creator's notes/Trivia.

  • This page will have Regular updates, so check daily!
  • Just Downloaded Spore, so I may be able to make "rough" monster designs using the game.
  • A Sequel game called "Monster Hunter EX 2" Is being made. It will be much better than this one, with a storyline to match. And Best of all, No Expansions, since any monster that appeared here via Expansion will appear in MHEX2 without Expansion.

Suggestions, Questions, and Answers


Please write your suggestions in the comments below. I will consider them for a next update and/or fan fiction.


  • Q1: Is this actually being developed?
  • A1: NO! It is a fan game, so its likely to not be developed any time soon...

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