Eusuchia Zinogre
Nicknames: Croc zinogre, gatternogre
Titles: prehistoric hunter, mighty jaws
Other Info
Description: a large alligator like relative to zinogre that has the strongest bite force relative to body size of any other monster.
Species: Fanged Wyvern
Habitats: Lake Island Jungle, Solum Grasslands,
Other monsters in Relation: Zinogre and other fanged wyverns
Elements: light
Ailments: lightblight
Weaknesses: dark, dragon, ice
Signature move: bright bite
Creator: Nrex117


They are active predators that feed mainly on anything they can overpower, they will also gaurd their teritory from other E.zinogres and other predators.

They mainly spend time swiming in water and only come out to bask and hunt for prey and to patrol the hunting grounds.

It is the rival of Indobolus for the spot of top predator, and such territorial disputes between the two predators is not uncommon or unheard of, but such battles would still be a sight to behold!

Apperence and adaptations

They have a typical fanged wyvern body shape but have little to no fur on their bodies due to the fact they are covered in mostly hard bone like scutes and scales, their jaws are reminiscent of those found in crocodilians and as such have a very powerful bite force behind it! The dentition of E. Zinogre are thick and deeply rooted, but are not as sharp as those of other carnivorous monsters and are akin to railroad spikes rather then steak knives!


  • Their head is based off kaprosuchus and alligators.
  • They are very agressive and will eat humans, lynians, and wyvernians.
  • It and Lyconuga are the only Fanged Beasts to naturally inhabit Binary Solum.