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Horrendiaduncum Devoratrix Template:!- Template:! Habitats: Template:! Deserted Isle(Quest only), Sandy plains, Volcano, Tundra Template:!- Template:! Monsters in relation: Template:! Gigginox, Khezu, Donald Trump Template:!- Template:! Blights: Template:! Ice-blight(Tundra only),stun,Mud lump Template:!- Template:! Weaknesses: Template:! Ice, Then Fire Template:!- Template:! Signature Move: Template:! Whack-A-Mole Template:!- Template:! Creator: Template:! Derpybats


The Es is a large,spiny,tubular worm. it is about 8 feet in diameter and about 35 feet in length.

It's skin coloration is a rusty gray with black speckles. The Es is segmented like an earthworm but it's skin texture is leathery like that of a shark. It's spines resemble Rose bush thorns and stick out about 1 foot from the Es' body. the thorns are clustered around the face and tail, while they are found laterally on the Es' body. The thorns seem to aide it in digging while also used as a weapon.


Es spends nearly all of it's time at least partially submerged in the earth where it either ambushes surface prey (Aptonoth, Gargwa, Mosswine, or even large monsters) or vacuums up various minerals from the earth. It has an extremely long lifespan, some individuals are said to have live 10,000 generations. The Es has been immortalized in many ancient cultures and also given many different names such as the surrende død (Whirring death), Pathara khāṇa dharatī nū bhūta (rock eating earth demon), or as called by the guild: Es (it). The Worms do not roar but they do emit an extremely loud whirring noise by grating it's thousands of teeth against each other. the purpose of this is to stun prey, but some theorize it may also be a form of mating call.


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