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A powerful knight of the Royal Guild who also happen to be the King's son. He is known for being a war hero and slaying massive elder dragons with mostly no assistance . Ergaut doesn't really consider himself much of a hunter but rather a prince of free will, meaning he has no goals in the hunting life. He spends most of his time in the Palace of the King where he imposes hard labour on poor peasants and future hunters.

Nickname(s): Shiraga,Braido-sama!!! (Master Blade), Pompous,Princess (what Shiro calls him), Arrogant Bastard (what Kurai calls him)

Birth Place : Royal Guild Palace 

Age : 27

Hieght: 6"7

Likes : Intensity and things that intrigue him

Dislikes : Boring things


Ergaut has spikey sliver hair. His eyes are yellow and fierce looking. His facial espression always seems angry but sometimes he has a maniacal face when he finds something intense. He has stress lines under his eyes ( simliar to Itachi Uchiha from the Naruto series). He is mostly seen wearing the Kushala X armor(without helm),but also wears a robe as his casual wear. He has a muscular built for holding large weapons .


Kurai: Say that one more time...I dare you.. Klinge : Bwahaha Okay then! Your Trash! Shiro : Um guys...Could ya help me out on my urgent?


Ergaut is a sarcastic,sadistic,arrogant man who enjoys making others feel bad for themselves. He even insults Kurai Tsuki ,saying he was pathetic thing in the palace who ran away to make his worth . He's  a sadistic person as well laughing at hunters who fall in arena battles . To add insult to injury he sometimes enters the battle once the hunter fainted and lost all tries, to finish the monster off.  He's moslty angry due to the lost of intrest in the hunting life.When excited in battle ,he will go on an insane killing frenzy .Despite all his aggresive behaviour , Klinge can also be really lazy when asked to do something he doesn't feel like doing. As a boy, Klinge was more of a crybaby being too dependent on his father .His jealously against Kurai began there when he was adopted to the family .


Kushala X                         Edel's Ice

Rusted Kushala Armor      Lion's Bane

Rukodiora Armor              Rukodiora Hammer

Rebidiora  Armor                  Rebidiora Lance

Galaxiadiora Armor               Galatic Dragoon (G,Diora Gunlance)


  • Klinge personality and actions is combination of Laxus from the Fairy Tail series and Xanxus from the Kateyo Hitman Reborn Series .
  • Klinge and Kurai had a strong rivalry when they were childern (and still does)
  • Even without a weapon ,Ergaut is very dangerous ..
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Sketch of Klinge with robe on

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