Emerald Barroth
Nicknames: Greenie, emerald
Titles: Jagged charger,
Other Info
Description: A species of barroth found only on binary solum they are a emerald green color and have sharper scales then their relatives.
Species: Brute wyvern
Habitats: The Great Chasm, Solum Grasslands, Lake Island Jungle, Underground Cavern.
Other monsters in Relation: Barroth, Jade barroth.
Elements: none
Ailments: Muddy
Weaknesses: Water
Signature move: muddy charge
Creator: Nrex117
File:Emerald Barroth.jpg


Appearence wise the are almost identical to their mainland cousins all though they are larger being around the size of a devil jho.


Like their relatives the feed on neopterons, carapaceons, and other insect like creatures. They are known to knock down alteroth nests and ram trees to knock vespiod and bhnabra nests down but their favorite prey is hornitaurs and hermitaurs. To cool them selves off the roll around in mud. They get along peacefully with other monsters like Cerablos but are aggresivee to predators like Garu Raptora and Quatlogars packs but flee predators like Indobolus on sight.

More will be added

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