In-Game Information

A subspecies of Drecuotl that inhabit the deserts of Arnin-Hol. Guild scientists speculate that the original Drecuotl followed the Northern Arnin-Holian Zephers into the deserts. WARNING: They have evolved a crippling venom that quickly takes down their prey.


Order:Saurischia- Suborder:Dragon Feet- Superfamily:Pre-Winged Leg Wyvern- Family:Drecu. 

Habitat Range

The Einöde and other northern deserts of Arnin-Hol, but some have even been reported to have been in some of the  small Shrub-Forests in Northern Arnin-Hol. A strong yet light and flexible build makes them easily adaptable to changes. 

Ecological Niche

Ecru Drecuotl are, like their cousins, in the middle of the food chain. Mostly taking down smaller herbivores, such as Aptonoth and Rhenoplos, but unlike their cousins they will stand and fight against larger predators, like Rathian, Tigrex, or Teal Garletro. When dealing with smaller monsters (including Hunters) they observe and study intruders or prey before attacking. They defend their kills if another predator should come for it, and will only flee if injured.

Biological Adaptations

Ecru Drecuotl are larger than their forest-dwelling counterparts and are therefore less timid. Their larger size makes it more difficult for them to ambush pey from close range, so they have evolved strong, muscular limbs to chase down prey for long distances. Also, the bright, colorful plumage sported by their cousins is replaced by coarse, dull plumage that is mostly used for camouflage. This extra camouflage is necessary for them to ambush their prey. And just like their cousins they perform dances to "battle" rivals to avoid injury. They also have evolved a powerful vemon that quickly cripples prey. This venom is delivered via tail spines. Along with their cousins the Ecru Drecuotl has a highly developed brain along with a type of communication to "talk" with other members of their species.


Ecru Drecuotl are curious towards smaller monsters and intruders, social towards other members of their species, and do not fear other large monsters. They are ambush predators that attack using their crippling tail spines, and fearless monsters that stand their ground against predators. Although they are generally solitary, they often communicate with other members of a population at night via screeches and roars, and have an annual gathering with other members of their population to mate and socialize. Curious about Hunters and will often observe and study them before the actual attack...

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