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A Black Relative of the Wilolu, it is known to inhabit Volcanic areas instead of Artic areas. It is even more viscious than the stanard wilolu, due to it's body's high testosterone levels.


Ebony Wilolu is a Fanged Beast, and a relative of the Wilolu.


Just like its "Normal" Relative, Ebony Wilolu is a wanderer with no fixed habitat, although it is, unlike normal Wilolu's, capable of staying in Subtropiccal and Volcanic areas, the latter being their favorite habitat.


It can assert itself as apex predator in a habitat it finds itself in. Prey includes Rhenoplos, Aptonoth, Slagtoth, Kelbi, Gargwa and even Bullfango. Smaller predators like Jaggi, Wroggi, Ioprey and even their leaders may find themselves as prey to the beast.

The Ebony Wilolu does have to compete with equally dangerous predators, but it's mastery over the dragon element and brute strength usually helps it overpower said competition.

Probally the Ebony Wilolu's most dangerous competitor is the Deviljho, but the reverse is probally also true, since Both creatures are capable of killing each other, as they both harness the dragon element, a usual trumpcard for both predators.

But while the Deviljho relies on it's brute power, The Ebony Wilolu has cunning, quick movements and high aggression. Sometimes in such battles, it can be assumed that both creatures can be killed in a battle.

But it would seem that Deviljho would rather give Ebony Wilolu a wide berth, since it would rather prey on the more defenseless prey items, rather than risk a fight with the mammalian terror.

The Ebony Wilolu's aggression is not driven by hunger like it's cousin, but rather, aggression. The Ebony Wilolu is very aggressive due to the high Testosterone levels in it's body, similar to a Bull Shark. So any attacks from an Ebony Wilolu is morelikely to be a case of aggression on it's part than Hunger.

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