Nicknames: Dry
Titles: Flaming Armour Wyvern, Bone Collector Wyvern
Other Info
Description: A large Fanged Wyvern that uses bones as armour, that can be set alight when enraged.
Species: Fanged Wyvern
Habitats: Volcanic Crest, Dune Mountains
Other monsters in Relation: Zinogre, Forlorgros
Elements: Fire
Ailments: Fireblight
Weaknesses: Water on back (once broken twice)
Signature move: Fire Bomb
Creator: Imrik37
Dryluros is a new Fanged Wyvern first appearing in Monster Hunter U. It collects bones from its prey to use as armour, which can set alight special plates on its back by smashing them together.


"A strange species of Fanged Wyvern known as 'Collector Wyverns' for their tendancy to collet the bones of their prey and use them as armour. This armour can be clicked together rapidly to set fire to its specialised backplates. However, behind these is a link directly to its central nervous system, which can cause fatal damage when struck."

Dryluros is a unique Fanged Wyvern in the way that is uses bones from other creatures as a strange armour that can be struck together to create sparks to alight oils produced by its highly specialised and heat resistant backplates. This armour can be broken however, exposing its still resistant scales. Its back has extremely heavy armour, simply because of its weak spine, which if broken, is usually always a fatality for the monster.

Armor Sets

Set: Dryluros-Base Defense 125

Flame Aura
Fire Res. Up(L)
Fire Attack Up(S)
Speed Sharpener
Water Res. Down(M)


  • Dryluros' back, front legs, back legs, back, and body can all be broken, and the tail broken, then severed and carved.
    • Breaking the back works in a similar way to Duramboros' humps - they're resistant to damage at first, then once they're broke, take a massive amount of damage when struck.
  • Most of Dryluros' attacks when enraged will leave the target with Fireblight when hit. Breaking the back will stop this from happening,

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