Nicknames: Dread,driller
Titles: Drilling monkey,skull wearer
Other Info
Description: A Fanged Beast that uses Teostra's or Lunastra's skull for protection of its weak head.It has drill like structures on its back
Species: Fanged Beast
Habitats: Volcano,Old Volcano,Swamp,Old Swamp,Primal Forest,Desert,Old Desert,Dunes,Town, Interceptor's Base,vOLCANUC Hollow,Unknown Great Forest,Lava Island,Battleground,Tower,Tower 3
Other monsters in Relation: Rajang
Elements: Dragon
Ailments: Dragonblight
Weaknesses: Water,Thunder
Signature move: Death Dance,Dragon Drills
Creator: Dark Magala

Dreadrill is a new Fanged Beast introduced in Monster Hunter Forward .It uses either Teostra's or Lunastra's skull for protection of its weak head.It supports drill like shapes on its back which it uses for both defense and offense.


Dreadrill is a Fanged Beast similar in body shape to Rajang and a face similar to lunastra's or Teostra's head(with no horns).It is dark green in color and it has a purple mane and blue eyes.The most unique thing about this monster is that it has two drill like structures on its back which it uses for digging,attacking,and defending itself.It wears Teostra's or Lunastra's skull on its head to protect it since its face is very weak to any kind of damage.


Dreadrill is very violent and aggressive.Also,they are very playful and curios.Sometimes major damage is cause by these monsters because they either are playing with each other or because it is discovering new things.They are very caring parents that protect their young with their live and they also mate for life.They are known to be dangerous enemies to Elder Dragons because of their unique control of dragon element.


  • When enraged its mane and eyes turn orange.
  • It uses dragon element from either its mouth or drill.
  • It can shoot the tip of its drill and regenerate them.It can also use an attack where it shoots the tips to the sky making them fall like rain
  • Riding its back is very dangerous since it can still attack you with its drills.
  • It takes no damage when you attack the skull but when it breaks its head becomes its weakest spot and takes heavy damage from any kind of attack,aliment,or element.(The skull takes a lot of time to break).
  • It is known to either kill Teostras or Lunastras to just take their skull.
  • Oddly,males only use Teostra's skull and females only use Lunastra's skull.
  • It can coat its drills with dragon attribute by licking them with its long tong.
  • It has two ways of roaring.Either by roaring normally or by digging in rock producing a loud drill like voice.
  • It can  use its drill to stab its enemies or drill through them,to use it as a shield, or to dig.
  • Dragon attribute is found in its saliva.It can combine its saliva with its breath to produce a long ranged dragon breath and it can shoot globs of dragon attribute.
  • It uses its long leaf shaped tail and its long claws to climb trees and rocks.
  • Most of its attacks are borrowed from Kecha Wacha and Rajang although it has many attacks unique to it.
  • It can combine its attacks when two are hunted together.
  • It has the same theme as Arzuros,Lagombi,and Volvidon.

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