Dreadful Bellargon
Nicknames: Dreadful Bella, D. Bellargon
Titles: Beautiful Black Artist Of The Air
Other Info
Description: A subspecies of Bellargon often seen in the Orcan Plains. It is able to use dragon element with its mandibles. Seemingly it feeds of a certain fruit in the Orcan Plains to strengthen the dragon element but how it gets it is unknown.
Species: Neopteron
Habitats: Hot environments like volcanic areas
Other monsters in Relation: Bellargon
Elements: 25px
Ailments: Dragon Defense Down, 25px
Weaknesses: 25px
Signature move: Flip attacks
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


Its body is black with red areas and red eyes. The legs are greenish black and the mandibles are blue and bigger than the normal's ones but Dreadful Bellargon is altogether smaller. It is able to produce sparks of dragon element with its mandibles. The abdomen is shorter and has two blue stingers at the end.


Average: 1291,65 cm

Biggest size measured: 1598,08 cm


Similar to the normal one it inhabits hot environments like the Volcano and the Lava Landscape but is mostly seen in the Orcan Plains and sometimes in the Misty Peaks.


  • The weakness is earth.
  • In Rage Mode its eyes turn to black and it attacks more often.
  • When exhausted Dreadful Bellargon descends on a plant or tree root to regain stamina.
  • Because of its smaller size the Neopteron is even more agile and faster than the normal Bellargon.
    • Similar to the normal one it also evades attacks.
  • It uses dragon element instead of fire.
    • Instead of the burning the fluid decreases the dragon defense.
  • Although the Neopteron feeds of flying monsters it can be seen to attack Deviljhos in swarms. Also it often attacks bigger prey than themselves.
  • Like the normal one they live at lakes, lava and water lakes alike, and are quite social.
    • The lava has no effect either.
  • It's unknown how Dreadful Bellargons get the ability of using the dragon element but they seem to strengthen it from their food in the Orcan Plains.
    • Even the youngest of them can use the dragon element what makes it questionable that they only assume it from their food.
  • The Neopterons can stand even strong storms without any problems and are particularly found in the Orcan Plains.
    • It's never been seen how they mate though seemably it happens in the stormiest time of the area.
  • Breakable parts are an eye, the mandibles, the leg and the wings. The abdomen can be severed.
    • Identically to the normal subspecies it cannot use its fluid when the abdomen is cut.


  1. Front flip
  2. Back flip
  3. Bite (dragonblight)
  4. Dragon element beam
  5. Dragon element projectile
  6. Flap attack
  7. Sting (decreased dragon defense)
  8. Claw slash
  9. Pin attack (flies high and feints a front flip but grabs the target with the claws)


Chitin Armor (from every boss Neopteron), Bellargon Compound Eye (only when broken), Dreadful Bellargon Mandibles (only when broken), Dreadful Bellargon Wing (when broken), Bellargon Leg, Dreadful Bellargon Claw (when broken), Dreadful Bellargon Sting, Dreadful Bellargon Abdomen (carved from the abdomen), Dreadful Bellargon Fluid, Dreadful Bellargon Antenna

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