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The Dracoteran is a Vespoid sized, Dragonfly like Neopteran that lives anywhere there is water to be found. Their limbs have evolved into syth like blades, which as well as for resting, are mainly used for slashing prey. They also have a large stinger on their tails, which can kill most small prey.

In game info

Dragonfly like Neopterans with a large stinger and sythe like legs. Speedsters, they swarm around and circle around prey, disorienting it, before killing it ethier with their legs, or thhe large sting. Dracoteran Stingers a used as spear tips by tribal people.


  • They live just about anwhere, provided there is water.
  • They dont shatter, unlike most neopterans, making carving them an easy task.


  • The Dracoteran is obviously based on the dragonfly
  • The stinger on the tail is a reference to the godzilla melennium series' Meganula, large dragonfly like creatures with a stinger used for draining prey's energy

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