DoroDoro Matsu
None ATM
Nicknames: Dorodoro, Matsu, Doro
Titles: Fire Mother
Other Info
Description: This Pseudo Wyvern is very violent when it's egg's are harmed
Species: Pseudo Wyvern
Habitats: Dark Valley, Volcano and Tundra
Other monsters in Relation: Korokoro Matsu
Elements: Element Fire
Ailments: Status Fireblight
Weaknesses: Element Dragon
Signature move: Tail-Swipe
Creator: XKailX

The counterpart of Korokoro Matsu, The Dorodoro Matsu (ドロドロ松)(Pseudo)Flying Wyvern. It has many of the same moves as the Korokoro Matsu, But, like the Rathian & Rathalos, the Dorodoro Matsu is the female and the Korokoro Matsu is male. The species live together in the Dark Valley, Volcano and Tundra. Since you fight Dorodoro Matsu first it has moves which are easier to evade, such as her fireball blast. It is weak to Dragon on certain parts of its body, Its Head, Chest, Wings and Tail

Monster's Moves

The same as the Korokoro Matsu in how it fires a lazer, one difference is the lazer does Dragon/Fire damage, hindering the hunters elemental weapon useless unless they sleep or use a nulberry. In G-rank it does a 360 degree lazer, which is a bit harder to dodge. As mentioned before, its fireball blast is easy to dodge, but does a devistating amount of damage, one way to indicate if it is going to do this move is it rears up in a pounce-like stance, and its neck starts to glow, while this is happening it is slowly following you, but slow enough for you to strike, when it fires the fireball get away, it will do a shockwave of fire around its body. One move it doesn't have is the vacuume move, it is replaced with a tail slash, not a normal tail slash though, it will swing its tail 5 times, if hit it will burn you, if you cut the tail off, it can't do this move. The Dorodoro Matsu only has one element regardless of Area and that is Fire.

Monster Habitats

A rare species of The Korokoro Matsu & Dorodoro Matsu can be found in the Cherry Tree Forest during mating season. In the Dark Valley, it only dwells in area 10 and 12 to guard the egg's, In the Volcano, it stays to areas 5, 6 and 7, The Tundra it stays in 2, 3 and 6 because it cannot see in the dark.

Dorodoro Matsu's Theme


Cutting Power Effect Blunt Power Effect
Head 40 Wound/Break horns Head 40 Wound/Break Horns or Stun
Chest 45 Wound Chest 55 Wound/Break Crest, Flinch, Stagger
Claws/Arm 25 Wound, Stagger, Flinch Claws/Arm 30 Wound, Flinch, Trip, Stagger
Torso 40 N/A Torso 35 Finch, Stagger
Legs/Hind 25 Wound, Stagger, Flinch Legs/Hind 30 Wound, Flinch, Trip, Stagger
Wings 45 Wound Wings 55 Wound/Chip Wings, Stagger
Tail(Mid) 40

Wound, Flinch, Sever

Tail(Mid) 30 N/A
Tail(End) 50

Wound, Flinch, Sever

Tail(End) 30 Wound

Item Effect

Item Effect
Item Name Able Effectiveness Duration Notes
1st 2nd
Pitfall Trap ★★★ 11 sec 7 sec (Useful Tip) Use when its tired
Shock Trap ★★★ 10 sec 5 sec (Useful Tip) Use when its tired
Flash Bomb ★★☆ 8 sec 8 sec Use when monster is looking at you, or if teammate is pinned by monster
Sonic Bomb X ☆☆☆ 0 0
Dung Bomb X ☆☆☆ 0 0
Meat ★☆☆ 5 sec 5 sec Not very useful against this monster


High Rank

Dark Valley, Volcano & Tundra

High Rank
From Item Name Chance Sell
Body Dorodoro Scale+ 40% 1500z
MatsuShell+ 30% 2000z
'Dorodoro Wing+' 25% 3500z
Flamable Sac 20% 3000z
Tear Gem 10% 6300z
Tail Dorodoro Scale+ 40% 1500z
Dorodoro Tail+ 38% 3500z
MatsuShell+ 20% 2000z
Tear Gem 4% 6300z
Dorodoro Topaz 6% 5700z
MatsuPearl 2% 5000z


'From' 'Item Name' 'Chance ' 'Sell '
'Body ' 'Dorodoro Hrd Scl' '37%' '4410z'
'HvyMatsuShell' '24%' '5850z'
'StrDorodoroWng' '20%' '8925z'
'Combustible Sac' '15%' '1920z'
'DemonTear Gem' '4%' '6300z'
'Tail ' 'Dorodoro Hrd Scl' '30%' '4410z'
'DrkDorodoroTail' '38%' '7200z'
'HvyMatsuShell' '20%' '5850z'
'DemonTear Gem' '4%' '6300z'
'Dorodoro Topaz' '6%' '9700z'
'MatsuPearl' '2%' '15000z'


High Rank

Flaming Fiend

  • Fight 1 Dorodoro Matsu
  • Area: Dark Valley
  • Reward: 12,000
  • Time: 50 min
  • Failure: reward reaches 0 or time reaches 0

Frozen Flame

  • Fight 1 Dorodoro Matsu
  • Area: Tundra
  • Reward: 12,000
  • Time: 50 min
  • Failure: reward reaches 0 or time reaches 0

Raising Hell

  • 'Fight 2 Dorodoro Matsu'
  • 'Area: Volcano'
  • 'Reward: 20,000'
  • 'Time: 50 min'
  • 'Failure: reward reaches 0 or time reaches 0'



' '

''''Burning Love''''

  • Fight 1 Dorodoro Matsu & 1 Korokoro Matsu
  • Area: Dark Valley
  • Reward: 150,000
  • Time: 50 min
  • Failure: reward reaches 0 or time reaches 0