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Domestication of monsters of all sorts in Xenos is able to be done. Some are harder to tame than others however. With wild Monsters, this is recommended to be done when the targeted monster is at a young age, although it is possible to tame the adults, which is much harder, depending on the monster's species.

Tamed monsters will be smaller than their wild counterparts, but are usually very loyal, and will fight alongside with their masters.

Note: Elder Dragons cannot be tamed. 

Tamable Monsters 

one star Tamables (*)

Aptonoth, Gargwa, Kelbi, Popo, Anteka, Remobra, Mosswine, Erupe, Burruku

Two star tamable (**)

Jaggi, Jaggia, Baggi, Wroggi, Velociprey, Genprey, Ioprey, Giaprey, Uroktor, Ludroth, Rhenoplos, Bullfango, Apceros

Three star tamable (***) (can only be tamed when young)

Qurupeco, Rathalos, Rathian, Nargacuga, Tigrex, Barioth, Rajang, Yian kut ku, Yian Garuga, Barroth, Duramboros

more coming soon

Pet skills

When Tamed, monsters will act as companions. You can still take Felyne/Melynx companions with you however, as Tamed monsters take up a separate slot from the said Felyne/Melynx.

Tamed Monsters can:

-Follow commands given by the master

-Find Items Buried in the ground, which can then be gathered.

-Gain new skills depending on how you train them.

Each Tameable Monster can have different skills that only it's Species can have. For example: A tamed Qurpeco can learn calls that can buff up the master with bonuses, while Jaggis can not.

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