Continent/s: Arnin-Hol

Country/Countries: Reenau

State/s: Raißthon


The Dome of Descent, also called "Gate Asus", is part of the Gascuss Cave in the Kanhri massif. It's a dome of stone with seveal holes in it that seemingly leave light into the cave even though far from the surface. This atmosphere led the people of Fheni to believe, this is the connection to the gods. It's known by now that the lights are bioluminiscent, used for hunting by a dragon of legends, the (will be completed)



Culture and Religion

For the Fheni this is a sacred place, they still bring sacrifices to the "Guardian of Gate Asus", the (will be completed). While the dragon attacks everything that enters the Dome of Descent, if human, Wyverian or monster, it leaves the Fheni alone. It's unknown why.

My Monster Hunter Project Gigas Creations

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