The Desolated Desert is a sandy region located far away from Rengomu in Monster Hunter: Infinity Freedom ,it is composed of rocky canyon-tops, muddy caverns, great deserts and a "mud desert".


Desolated Desert

Base Camp

The base camp is located on top of a canyon, where one can see the vast desert, it has direct roads to both Area 1 and 6.

Area 1

This area is an enclosed space where mostly herbivores live, it has direct paths to Areas 4 and 5 and back to base camp.

Area 2

A big desert area, going off the borders will lead you into a random position in this area, unless it is the southern edge, which leads to area 3, there are palm trees that when struck drop fruits that can be gathered, it has paths into Areas 6, 3 and Base Camp.

Area 3

Another desert with the same border mechanics, it is connected to Areas 2, 5, 8 and 9.

Area 4

a long and narrow passage, monsters come here to drink water, it is connected to areas 1 and 7.

Area 5

A muddy cavern with toe-high water sectors, it is used as a resting place by some monsters.

Area 6

A cavern usually filled with herbivores, this is an hebivore nest.

Area 7

A high point in the canyon, here is where flying wyverns sleep, make nests and where Jaggi like to stay the most, due to the wyvern eggs.

Area 8

A mud desert, here is where monsters like Barroth like to stay, since they have plenty of space.

Area 9

A cavern where the Theropods rest

Monsters and resources

Herbivores in this area include the Red Rhenoplos and Mosswine, there is a large population of Jaggi in the canyons, while the desert areas are crawling with Delex, Diablos, Monoblos, Sand Barioth, Rathian, Pink Rathian, Nibelsnarf, Zarthas and Volvidon are the common monsters that appear in this map.

There is al lot of palm trees with fruit that can be gathered, there are fish gathering points and a small amount of bug spots.

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