Nicknames: Deino
Titles: None
Other Info
Description: A Raptorial Bird Wyvern found in temperate, and dry areas. They are able to spit out a sticky mucus that envelops their adversaries and slows their advance. The alpha females of their packs are known as Deinodrome.
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Forest and Hills, Desert, Volcano, Great Forest, Sandy Plains, Volcano (3rd), Sunken Hollow, Dunes, Scrublands, Wilting Lands, Deep Ravine, Scorched Prairies
Other monsters in Relation: Deinodrome, Juraprey, Rheoprey
Elements: None
Ailments: StatusEffect - Viscous
Weaknesses: Element Fire
Signature move: Mucus Spit
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies

English Name: Deinoprey (Dy-noh-prey)

Romaji: Drinoposu

Deinoprey are Raptorial Bird Wyverns first introduced in Monster Hunter Z. Their alpha female pack leaders are called Deinodrome.


Deinoprey have a slender build, with orange (and very rarely, red) scales and a black rosette - pattern, similar to that of the real life Jaguar. They have a "crown" of spikes on their heads that are light yellow in colour, 4 claws on their forelimbs, and 3 claws on their hind limbs. They also have an enormous throat sac which is used to store a sticky mucus that they spit at their fores, to inflict a brand new status effect, called the Viscous ailment. When under the viscous status ailment, hunters' movements are slowed down, and they will occasionally get stuck to the ground. This effect can be removed with the Cleanser.


Deinoprey are always male. Only the smaller Deinoprey, distinguished by their lack of horns, can be either younger males, or young females, in which case they would be bigger than the young males. Only the male that is chosen by the Deinodrome will get to mate with her until the next time she is in heat. When threatened, Deinoprey spit out their signature mucus attack, inflicting the Viscous status effect on hunters and other monsters alike. Deinoprey are also very protective of their Deinodrome leader, and will follow her at all times, making sure that she is safe and away from predators.


Deinoprey are found in temperate and dry areas, like the the Forest and Hills, and the Desert respectively. They cannot survive in cold weather because their scales are adapted to absorbing the sun's heat and light. In the Tundra, for example, their scales will freeze over.