Nicknames: Deino, D - Drome
Titles: Deinoprey Alpha
Other Info
Description: The alpha female of a Deinoprey pack. They use a sticky adhesive to slow down, and immobilize their prey, and their foes.
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Forest and Hills, Desert, Great Forest, Sandy Plains, Volcano (3rd), Scrublands, Wilting Lands, Deep Ravine, Scorched Prairies
Other monsters in Relation: Deinoprey, Juradrome, Rheodrome, Velocidrome, Gendrome, Iodrome
Elements: None
Ailments: StatusEffect - Viscous
Weaknesses: 20px
Signature move: Mucus Puddle
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies

English name: Deinodrome

Romaji: Drinosenposu

Size: Medium

Deinodrome are the alpha females of a Deinoprey pack, first appearing in Monster Hunter Z.


Deinodrome are comparable in size to a Great Baggi. They have reddish - orange scales with a black rosette - pattern, similar to that of the real life Jaguar. The "crown" of horns on their heads have joined to form a single horn that protrudes forwards to their snout. They have 4 claws on their forelimbs, and 3 claws on their hind limbs. Their most distinctive feature is an enormous, beige - coloured throat sac that they use to store a glue - like mucus that they spit at prey and foes. Hunters that come into contact with this mucus with the new Vicsous status ailment, impeding their movement.


Deinodrome are capable of fast attacks that it can chain, one after the other, making it the fastest of the Prey Dromes. As said, they are capable of inflicting the Viscous status ailment on hunters and other monsters alike, slowing them down. Hunters can get rid of this ailment using a Cleanser.


Deinodrome have the basic attacks of a Prey Drome, accompanied by some all new ones.

Attack Name Rarity Damage Description Ailment Inflicted
Tail Swing Very Common Small - Moderate Deinodrome will spin 180 degrees to the left, to try to hit a hunter with her tail. None
Hip Check

Near - Very common

Far - N/A

Small Deinodrome will position one leg sideways so that her body is perpendicular to her target, before she smashes it with her side. None
Body Slam Common Small - Moderate Deinodrome will raise her head while positioning herself so that her side is facing her target hunter. After a brief pause, she charges sidewards and rams the hunter. None
Bite Very Common Small Deinodrome will take two small steps forward and bite at a hunter, similar to one of Deviljho's attacks. None
Jumping Bite

Near - Uncommon

Far - Common

Moderate Deinodrome will jump to her target in an arc and land with a bite. None
Mucus Spit

Calm - Common

Enraged - Very Common

Medium Deinodrome tilts her head backwards and spit out a ball of mucus at her target. StatusEffect - Viscous Viscous
Mucus Puddle Common

Small - Moderate

Deinodrome tilts her head backwards, and thrash her head around for a few moments. She then spits out a puddle of mucus on the ground. StatusEffect - Viscous Viscous


Rare Moderate Deinodrome will jump to her target and land on her side. None
Summon Deinoprey When weakened None Deinodrome will raise her head and perform an ominous cry. After a few moments, 2 - 7 (depending on rank) Deinoprey will arrive in the area via, small caverns around the area's walls. None


  • Deinodrome's crest and throat sac can be broken, and her arms can be scarred.
  • The noise Deinodrome when she calls for Deinoprey is a high pitched version of Great Jaggi's call.
  • Deinodrome will take damage if she walks into lava.
Item Effect
Item Name Able Effectiveness Duration (1st time) Duration (2nd time) Duration (3rd time onwards) Notes
Pitfall Trap ★★★ 9 seconds 8 seconds 8 seconds
Shock Trap ★★★ 6 seconds 6 seconds 5 seconds
Flash Bomb ★★★ 12 seconds 9 seconds 6 seconds
Sonic Bomb X ☆☆☆
Dung Bomb ★★★ Causes her to leave the area.
Meat ★☆☆

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