The Death Arena is a huge arena, where literally anything can be fought.

Quests Using Death Arena

Quest: All Gods Unite

That is all, for now.


Much of it is expanses of stone and black rubble, with small amounts of soil littering the campus. There are a few broken and dead trees that fall apart easily, and thus are useless for shelter.


Originally an ancient citadel built by the Wyverians. They decided to build it upon the conquered nest of Calamitos, a mighty dragon that once roamed the lands of man. It has long since perished, but as the years passed, the people felt an evil descending.

So the people, the Wyverians, considered leaving. Alas, they considered; they were too late in action. For a giant dragon trio, the Fatalis brethren, decided to take back what so long ago had been the Wyvern's.

They fought long and hard, and eventually the humans beat back the wyverns. But it was not meant to be; the dragons fought back with their greatest might, and the Goddess of Wyverns was forced to send the remaining Wyverians into a land far away; this land eventually split into many pieces, the largest descending and becoming the Wyverian Hub. The rest descended into the various lands where Wyverians are common.

The Citadel was never heard from by the Wyverians again. They never again dared take it back, and it became infested with dragons and wyverns of literally all kinds. However, in the most recent years, only the most powerful and successful have remained, naming it the Death Arena...

Because all who enter soon die, as seen fitting by the wyverns.

But perhaps that there are hunters willing to challenge the threat of the godliness of the Dragons...

Perhaps another legend may be sown, and the humans may finally reclaim their ancient citadel.

May the Gods be with you.

Notes on Quest

This does not become an official hunting ground for more quests until All Gods Unite is completed; upon completion, large monsters are very rare, and the landscape changes drastically. There are also people in it now, asides from the always vigilant Veggie Elder.

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