Nicknames: Daru
Titles: Dung Neopteron
Other Info
Description: A Neopteron that gathers dung to lay its eggs in balls of it. Peaceful but when attacked it defends itself by throwing dung.
Species: Neopterons
Habitats: Everywhere in not too hot or cold environments
Other monsters in Relation: -
Elements: -
Ailments: 25px
Weaknesses: 25px, then 25px
Signature move: Dung throw
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


It is similar to a dung beetle. Darungas dark gold color marks the carapace. The triangular head has undeveloped mandibles and the two antennas are black. Darungas underside is bright golden just as its pretty long legs.


Average: 462,1 cm


Darunga inhabits almost every area which isn't too hot or cold in Arnin-Hol. It isn't found in the Volcano, the Tundra, the Antarctic Ground and the Lava Landscape.


  • The weakness is wind, then fire.
  • Darunga is mostly found close to dung to roll it up to lay its eggs into it or using it as food source.
  • Like other small Neopterons Darunga has to be poisoned to carve it successfully.
  • As quite peaceful monster it only attacks when threatened.
  • To repel possible enemies Darunga throws dung at them which inflicts the Soiled Status.
    • Exemplary predators are Barroth, Volvidon and Bellargon.


  1. Dung Throw
  2. Bite


Darunga Shell, Monster Fluid, Dung Ball

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