Darkling Empress
Darkling empress
Nicknames: Dark Queen
Titles: Queen of Shadows
Other Info
Species: Darkling
Habitats: Dark realms
Other monsters in Relation: Darklings
Elements: Darkness
Ailments: Defense down
Weaknesses: Dragon, Pure light
Signature move: Dark pulse, Howl of Terror
Creator: Gojira57

The Darkling Empress is a Darkling, and the head of the Darkling Horde.


The Darkling Empress acts as the Queen of all Darklings, laying innumerable eggs, similar to a gigginox, which hatch into Darklets. When attached to her ovipostor, she is vulnerable, but when active and moving, she is a feirce fighter! She attacks in a fashion that resembles Tigrex Rare Species, but mixed with the move set of Barioth. Her physical attacks, just like all pure darklings, will inflict Defense Down on hunters who get hit. But her scarier ability is that she manipulates the darkness element, and can cause the Blindness status as well as the "Fear" status.

She can call other darklings to aid her in battle, so be prepared for this eventuality.

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  • A Darkling Empress is planned to appear in Monster Hunter EX: A new era .
  • She is fought before the Quest that brings Jenovark as a final boss
  • Due to her speed, it is recommended to use quick weapons when facing her, as she will leave you no time to charge up power attacks with slower weapons.
  • Her"Howl of Terror" will induce fear in any hunter without the "Fearless" armor skill
  • Render by Chaoarren


Guardando nel Buio (Ansem Final Battle) - Kingdom Hearts HD 1

Guardando nel Buio (Ansem Final Battle) - Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX - Soundtrack EXTENDED-0

Darkling Empress theme


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