Dark Teostra
Nicknames: Dark Teo, Black teo
Titles: The Black Dragon of destruction
Other Info
Description: A being of Calamity
Species: Elder Dragon
Habitats: World's Throat
Other monsters in Relation: Paladin Teostra
Elements: Fire, Dragon, Darkness, Dark Fire
Ailments: Blinded, Fireblight, Dragonblight, Darknessblight, Blast Blight
Weaknesses: Dragon, Water, Light
Signature move: Dragon blast
Creator: Gojira57

Dark Teostra is an elder dragon that first appears in the  Monster Hunter EX Series. It is treated as a Subspecies of Teostra, but it is, in fact, a seperate species altogether. It can mainpulate the Fire and Dragon Element as well as the Darkness Element. It is the mortal enemy of Paladin Teostra. It is encountered in G-Rank and above in MHEX1, but only in X-Rank and U-Rank in MHEX2.

Materials (MHEX1)

Coming soon...

Materials (MHEX2)


comings soon...


Coming soon...

Move Set

It has the same moveset as Teostra, but has all sorts of tricks of it's own as well. more coming soon...


  • It is said to be the polar opposite of Paladin Teostra.
  • It is fought at World's Throat in MHEX1, but now is also fought in The Great Dragon Graveyard in MHEX2.
  • Unlike Teostra, Dark Teostra cannot be repelled, only killed.
  • It has the same breakables as normal Teostra.

Story Appearances

  • Gaiasopheles (A.K.A. Gaia), in the Monster Hunter Hurricurse series, Is a demon that takes the form of a Dark Teostra.

Other Pages

  • Dark Teostra Ecology
  • Dark Teostra Equipment
  • Dark Teostra Quests

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