Continent/s: Arnin-Hol

Country/Countries: Reenau

State/s: Geitoma, Okalox


The Dark Hain (ger.: grove) is a moderately big forest inside the southern Kanhri massif. Because of the sun blocking tree crowns of the most common trees in the grove it's very dark on the Hain's floor. That's the reason why many darkness-loving monsters like Nargacuga and Khezu live here. It's also home of the rare Fern Gobul that baits its prey with real plants. These plants are mysteriously fast moving and dig their way out of the earth themselves if the Fern Gobul burrows in the ground. Scientists still haven't figured out how it is able to do that. The Dark Hain has huge numbers of insects and Neopterons. It's also a hunting ground for elite hunters.



Although it belongs to the states Geitoma and Okalox it's mostly unexplored as it is difficultly accessible because of its location in the souther Kanhri. In this rocky cage it was a long time undiscovered and only recently described for the first time.

Culture and Religion

There aren't any known tribes living here what is partly explainable because of the mountains making it almost impossible to get to the forest by foot. The other reason are probably the dangers.

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