I quickly rummaged through my dresser searching for decent clothes.i grabbed a T-shirt and a pair of Kelbi-made pants. I put my boots on tucking in the bottoms of my pants into them.I walked out of the door towards the woods that were nearby. The woods were my safe haven when i needed to clear my mind about something and this was the time i needed that haven.I walked into the woods and followed a rock path up towards a cliff. I slowly walked to the cliffs edge and stared out into the sky. Suddenly my right arm burned like it was on fire. I gritted my teeth at the pain trying to fight it back . "Your time has come, boy!"I heard a voice call in my head.

My hand flew off my arm to show a sharp "C". The mouth of the "C" had sharp points as if they were fangs. "No...No...please...How could this have happened!?"I told my self. "You now hold the brand of a Cursed Hunter" The voice said again.

"Use the power wisely" It finished. " I guess the dream was true" I said frowning "How am i gonna tell everyone..?" I jogged over to my house with my left arm? firmly covering the "C" on my right.I came through the door and rummaged through my equipment box.I grabbed a black armband that covered the brand completely. I ran across from my house and burst through Sarahs door. "Zay whats wrong!?"She asked walking over. " I have something to tell you that you must not tell anyone else ok?"I started breathing heavily. "Well what is it?"She said in a curious tone.

"I'm a Cursed Hunter" i said hesitantly.Sarah looked at me with disbelief . "Zay..."She said backing away. "Whats Wrong?"I asked. "Im sorry about what happened in the kitchen i didnt know how to express my feelings in words...yet you can tell me that your cursed so easily"She said coming towards me again. " Im just so confused..."she said embracing me.Hugged her back warmly and kissed her on the cheek."Sarah do you believe that ima cursed hunter?"I asked

"Yes"She answered. "Well there's this Journey im supposed to go on to find all the cursed hunters for every monster besides Rathian and i was thinking...would you like to help me?"I asked

"Of course..."She said kissing me."Alright we head out tomorrow"I whispered in her ear

To be continued in Cursed Hunter Chronicles lll Twin winds of the Tundra

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