"We've been walking for HOURS!" Yosei sighed deeply.

"Well, you don't exactly walk..." I replied.

"Yeah, but my wings are tired!" Yosei groaned.

I stopped and looked around for a moment. Everything was made of what looked like Crystal-Ice of some sort.

"This place is so....weird..." I thought. As I thought I decided to sit down and take a rest.As I thought a small butterfly flew past my face flapping its brittle wings.I put my finger out and the butterfly landed there gracefully. The butterflies wings glittered with flecks of crystal.  "These Crystals are so odd..." A sharp pain went through my back as I uttered those words. "Follow the butterfly! If you want to know more about this world!". The butterfly took off and flew into the distance. I grabbed Yosei and followed the crystal butterfly.

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