Zay, Sarah, Zays Father Adam,Colin,and David walked into the house that Adam would let them stay in for the winter. Zay stretched and pulled off his helm. Adam showed them to their rooms and wentinto his own to change. It was Christmas Eve and everyone had presents to give to each other the next morning. Adam came out of his room with a firmly combed out afro and a sweater with a Kelbi with fairly large horns. It was red and green symbolizing the Christmas scenery.David came out with the same attire except a barioth was stitched into the sweater .The barioth had a Christmas hat on with candy came stripes going down its back. Zay reluctantly put on the sweater that was laid out for him. He looked in the mirror and frowned at the picture of a ratholos and rathian under the miseltoe. "This is gonna be a long christmas" Zay said to himself 

"Don't be so tense.Besides be glad that we get to rest before going back on that adventure"Sarah said masaging his tense shoulders. They came out both of them wearing the sweaters that were made for made for them.Colin wore a Sweater with a lagia lighting up the christmas tree. "Son we' re gonna have to start this christmas early"Adam said to him. Adam handed him a present he had just picked up. Zay opened it to see a sheath specially made for his Cursed Blade. "Thanks"He said hugging his father lovingly."Yeah no problem" 

Davids sword had split into two small katanas that were always encased in ice.Colin was poking the fire in the fireplace.The fire cracked and licked the wood that it feasted upon.

Chacha was helping purret cook the food for the dinner that night. Chacha tasted the stew Puret was making and added a little salt to it. "These sweaters are warm" Colin said moving back from the fire. "Tell that to the village elder" "She makes sweaters for everyone  With a monster or monsters that are similar to themthem" "For example Srah has a jinouga because of her speed with her dual blades,David has a Barioth becauase oh how fast he but because he can stick to one thing and never let go of it,Colins Lagiacrus resembles his Electrfying personality.

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