Nicknames: maw,cro
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Other Info
Description: A medium sized brute wyvern with a sharq like head and crocodile like skin oddly hates deep water and is cold blooded has a bladed tail
Species: Brute wyvern
Habitats: Scatterd islands
Other monsters in Relation: deviljho, savage deviljho, abiorugu, giaorugu
Elements: thunder
Ailments: thunderblight, stun
Weaknesses: ice, fire, dragon
Signature move: stun blast
Creator: Nrex117
File:HNI 0012.jpg


A relitive to deviljho and giaorugu this monster has a fersome reputation and is truely a cold blooded killer and has a face only a mother could love. They are around the size of barroth but unlike barroth they are carnivorous 

its tail contains a paralysing nuerotoxin.

Ecological Niche

Croshardon is in the middle of the island food chain big enough to prey on large monsters but still small enough to be preyed apon by large predators like Rugar Garu and Garu ravonus. They normally prey on Toaddromes, Yian Ovitaur, Ludroth, and anything the can kill.

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