Nicknames: Yotsu, Cras
Titles: Veiled Dragon, Concealed Death
Other Info
Description: Mysterious Elder Dragons with veil - like wings. The only way to see its eyes is to see it flying - no hunter has been able to survive that moment.
Species: Elder Dragon
Habitats: Enigmatic Ruins
Other monsters in Relation: None
Elements: Element - Dark (MHZ), 20px
Ailments: 18px, 18px, 18px
Weaknesses: Element - Light (MHZ)
Signature move: Darkblight Stomp
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies
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English name: Crasolios (Cray-sou-lee- os)

Romaji: Yotsuya

The Crasolios is an Elder Dragon that utilizes the new Dark Element. First appearing in Monster Hunter Z Ultimate Frontier.


Crasolios have super - dark scales all over their bodies. It has two claws each of its front limbs, and three on each of its hind limbs. Its limbs also have spikes that protrude behind the elbows and ankles. It has a long tail with sharp spines along the vertebra, ending in black and red fur. Perhaps its most distinctive feature is its hunched, spiked back, that holds a pair of gigantic, black masses of hair that it uses to fly. These "wings" cover its face when folded down, hence its titles. Its face harbours strange features - red, compound eyes and a small horn that seems to protrude from the inside of its brain (As shown when its head is broken). It also has red, vein - like markings all over its body.


Crasolios is described as an "unspeakable evil" by the Guild Knight Captain. Crasolios marks its territory by vomitting a black fluid that slowly evaporates and condenses into black smoke that lies only inches from the ground. This smoke causes plants to wilt and also poisons monsters - a sign used by hunters to track down Crasolios. It can accelerate explosively, but prefers to ambush its prey, which includes young flying wyverns like Rathalos, or powerful Brute Wyverns like Barroth or Duramboros. It can also often be seen scavenging. The Enigmatic Ruins is a perfect place to find Crasolios - damp, secluded, hard to reach and a good spot for ambushing prey that lie below the cliffs. When damaged enough, Crasolios will enter its second Rage mode.


Crasolios utilizes the new Dark element with its attacks, some capable of inflicting Darkblight (Icon showed above), which blinds a hunter. Aside from possessing the Dark element, it can also use the Dragon element with a few of its breath attacks. It can also fling some of the hair on its "wings" in a massive, swirling formation to disorientate its opponents with the deadly parasites that live on it, inflicting the new Infested status ailment. Hunters that are infected with the parasites will have a portion of their health drained when they take damage (The portion drained is equal to 40% of the damage taken). Healing items will not be accessible and health will rapidly be drained if the hunter stands still, making the status ailment very deadly. The ailment can be removed by rolling 5 times, or by taking a Cleanser. However, when the ailment dissipates, the hunter that was infected will take medium damage. Hunters that are infected can pass on the ailment if they walk near a fellow hunter. When Crasolios does one of its super fast attacks, it leaves a trail of hair behind that can also inflict this status ailment.

It also has the ability to regurgitate strange black creatures called Dark Spawns. These creatures seem to have minds of their own, as they home in on targets and use their tentacles to crawl around the area, sometimes even up the walls. They have sphere shaped bodies, black tentacles and red eyes. They leave a trail of black, sticky fluid behind them.

When in its second Rage mode, Crasolios unfurls its wings permanently and produces a very thick liquid from its back that coats its scales, hardening them and giving Crasolios increased resistance to attacks. However, its deadliest trait in its second Rage mode is that it moves twice as fast as it normally does.


Crasolios, being Elder Dragons, are capable of extremely powerful attacks. One of its specialties is its wide range of massive AoE (Area of Effect) attacks which can devastate entire hunting parties. It also gains two new attacks in its second rage mode.

Attack Name Rarity Damage Description Ailment Inflicted
Charge Common Moderate Crasolios charges forward like Alatreon. This attack may end in a spinning dash, a horn thrust, or it may take flight and perform an aerial stomp None
Horn thrust Rare Moderate Crasolios thrusts its head upwards and rears up on its hind legs. None
Sideward Ram Very Common Moderate - High Crasolios leans backwards while facing its target sideways, then ram them with its side. This attack is extremely fast with very little warning. At the end of this attack, Crasolios slides back to position itself to face another target. 18pxDarkblight
Claw Slash

Near - Very Common

Far - Rare

Moderate Crasolios turns 90 degrees to the left, or to the right while slashing the air with its right, or left claw respectively. None
Hip - Check Very Common Moderate Like Barioth's hip - check attack, Crasolios will jump up in the air, spin 180 degrees to face its target, pausing for a few moments, then ramming them with its side. It will reposition itself after this attack. None
Parasitic Swirl Common

Direct hit - Small

AoE hit - Moderate

Usually done after the hip - check move, Crasolios slightly lifts its front legs off of the ground, covering its entire face with its wings as it does so. When it returns on all fours, it flips whatever wing is facing its target upwards, releasing a swirling mass of hair that explodes at the end of its range, scattering dark balls everywhere. 18px Severe Dragonblight if hit by the AoE / 18pxInfested if hit directly
Parasitic Cloud Uncommon Moderate - High Crasolios lowers its body so that it is inches from the ground, and flaps its wings vigorously, releasing millions of hairs and parasites. Hunters will take damage if they are hit with its wings. 18pxInfested 
Regurgitate Common Small Crasolios shakes its head violently while gathering up saliva. It then rears its head back and regurgitates a puddle of black liquid in front of it. 18pxDarkblight
Regurgitating Explosion

Calm - Uncommon

Enraged - Very Common

Direct hit - High

AoE hit - Moderate

Crasolios shakes its head violently, for roughly 3 seconds. It then rears up on its hind legs and regurgitates a massive black / purple ball that explodes into a giant, dark element pillar when it hits the ground.

18px Darkblight if hit directly / 18pxInfested  if hit by the AoE

 Dark Spawn Common Moderate - High Crasolios rears up on its hind legs and spits out a black, sphere - shaped, tentacled creature. It crawls along the ground and homes in on its target, exploding as it comes into contact with it, or anything else. 18pxDarkblight
Triple Dark Spawn 

Near - Rare

Far - Very Common

High - Very High Crasolios rears up and spits one of its tentacled creatures in front of it, to its left side, then to its right side. The creatures home in on different targets. 18pxDarkblight
Dark Spawn Blast Rare Very High Using its front limbs and its mouth, Crasolios will form a dark purple / black sphere that it contains for a few seconds. The sphere then explodes while Crasolios is still holding it, releasing 4 (5 when enraged) Dark Spawns. 18pxDarkblight
Dark Beam

Calm - Rare

Enraged - Common


Crasolios will rear up on its hind legs for a few seconds, then drop back down on all fours while firing a dark haze of energy that it slowly sweeps across 180 degrees.

It can also be done while airbourne,  in which case Crasolios will move forward while spraying a dark haze from side to side.

Parasitic Blast

Calm - Rare

Enraged - Very Common

Direct hit - High

AoE hit - Small 

Crasolios will lean back, unfold its wings, and flap them abruptly to the ground, throwing itself in the air and releasing a gigantic cloud of hair and parasites below it. Similar to Chameleos' poison cloud attack. 18pxInfested 
Dragon Charge Common Moderate - High The normal charge, but Crasolios enhances it with a dark, dragon element haze it surrounds itself with. This attack can be told apart from the normal charge because Crasolios always raises its head before performing this version. 18px Severe Dragonblight
Aerial Tail Swipe Only done when airbourne Moderate Performed while airbourne, Crasolios will twist its whole body around, recklessly flinging its tail and hitting any hunter nearby. None
Aerial Stomp Very Common Moderate Crasolios will take flight, face a target, fly a bit higher than usual and then crash down on its target with its claw. If not airbourne, Crasolios will simply jump up in the air, flap its wings once and then crash down. None
Spinning Dash

Calm - Uncommon

Enraged - Common

High Crasolios will quickly take 3 steps forward, and spin around 360 degrees. The dash will leave a trail of hair and parasites behind it. 18pxInfested 
Darkblight Stomp 2nd Rage only

Direct hit - Very High

AoE hit - Moderate

Crasolios will perform a short roar (not requiring Earplugs) then rear up on its hind legs while flapping its wings, releasing a cloud of hair and parasites. It then jumps up in the air for approximately 1 second, then viciously stomps the ground with its front legs, releasing a giant, pulsating, dark element shockwave in a circle around it that quickly expands. It also releases 3 Dark Spawns. 18pxDarkblight if hit by a Dark Spawn /18pxInfested AND18pxDarkblight if hit by the shockwave
Swirling Charge 2nd Rage only

Direct hit - High

AoE hit - Very High

Crasolios will take a few steps backward then run a short distance forwards while going airbourne (but very close to the ground) as it horizontally spins around 720 degrees, wrapped in its wings. When it lands, it releases a dragon - element explosion. 18pxInfested  if hit directly / 18px Severe Dragonblight if hit by the explosive landing
Flight Very Common None Crasolios will take 2 steps forwards then fly up in the air, hovering close to the ground. None
Roar 1st sight / Transition into rage mode None Crasolios will rear up on its hind legs and thrash its head around in the air while roaring loudly. None


  • If two Dark Spawns come into contact with each other, they will bond and form an even bigger Dark Spawn, which crawls slower, and will explode after 4 seconds of not coming into contact with anything.
  • Crasolios's wings and head can be broken, and its tail can be scarred, then severed when it is below 35% HP.
  • A Dark Spawn can come into contact with Crasolios itself. It will not explode however - it will latch on to either side of Crasolios's body permanently.
    • This Dark Spawn will explode if hit directly, by a hunter or by debris, or if Crasolios is staggered in a way that it falls on whichever side of its body the Dark Spawn is latched onto.
Item Effect
Item Name Able Effectiveness Duration (1st time) Duration (2nd time) Duration (3rd time onwards) Notes
Pitfall Trap ★☆☆ 5 seconds 5 seconds 5 seconds Only works when Crasolios is below 20% health
Shock Trap ★☆☆ 4 seconds 4 seconds 4 seconds Only works when Crasolios is below 20% health
Flash Bomb X ☆☆☆
Sonic Bomb X ☆☆☆
Dung Bomb X ☆☆☆
Meat X ☆☆☆


  • Crasolios is the only Elder Dragon that isn't weak to the Dragon Element.
    • In fact, Crasolios's armour resists the Dragon element by 3.
      • Its weakness is instead to the new Light element. The element which Zerureusu and other ancient monsters may possess.
  • Hunters can fight Crasolios starting at HR 100.
  • Up to 3 hunting parties are allowed to fight Crasolios (See Monster Hunter Z for more information on this).
  • In its second Rage mode, a new music theme will play.


Yotsuya Theme (Die Sonne Satan - Dismal Chant)06:02

Yotsuya Theme (Die Sonne Satan - Dismal Chant)

Crasolios - Second Rage mode theme04:52

Crasolios - Second Rage mode theme

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