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This page is what I will use to keep track of all of the ideas that I've scrapped for my fictional game, Monster Hunter Tri Destiny. I will not only post the usual information on monsters, ailments, and areas, but also the reason why they've been scrapped.



Sunblight was originally going to be a new status effect, made for a new element called Sun. The effects were quite troublesome - the hunter would glow brightly, attracting small monsters toward him/her and drawing large monsters toward his/her current area. The only cure was something called a Sunblock Pellet.

The reason I've scrapped this... Well, there are a few reasons. One, the only monster utilizing the Sun Element was Agsolstea, the flagship monster of MH3D. Two, a user named Democide pointed out that Sun and Fire are essentially the same thing, and that Sun shouldn't be an element. This ailment has had its name changed to Illumination, and the cure is now an item called Dousing Powder.


Earthblight, like Sunblight, was going to be an ailment used in conjunction for monsters of the fictitious Earth element. The effects were deadly, making weapons more likely to bounce off a monster, thus causing more recoil and less damage. The cure was an Earthtremor Seed.

I've scrapped this for the same reasons I scrapped Sunblight - except I've gotten rid of Earthblight completely, instead of simply giving it a different name.


This idea never took off (pardon the pun). I thought of making a third new element called Sky, and Skyblight was going to be the corresponding ailment. When afflicted by Skyblight, the hunter's weapons would sometimes swerve to the side due to the intense winds, more often than not missing the intended target completely. The curing item never earned a name, but I'll call it a Skycloud Berry, just for the sake of it.

Monster Hunter didn't need three new elements - I don't even think it needed one.


Snow Doboruberuku

This started off as simply a fanciful idea, but I actually considered using it. The Snow Dobo, true to its name, was going to be a Doboruberuku that had adapted to life in snowy environments. Instead of moss or dirt, it was covered in snow, and used its tail to inflict Snowman and Iceblight.

It would feed off of the tundra plants in Area 12 of the Frozen Wastes. The tail was supposed to be like a giant pickaxe/hammer, used to not only pound the ground like the other Dobos, but used to pick at the frozen earth and cause great chunks of ice to fly up and explode after hitting the ground. It had no unique attacks, instead using the same old Dobo attacks like the Merry-go-Round and the Super Tail Leap.

Mud Lagiacrus

While Skyblight never took off, the Mud Lagiacrus never even got on the runway. It was supposed to be a Lagiacrus that acted kind of like a Barroth. Although it wouldn't roll in mud and shake it off, the idea was that it had adapted to dry environments by keeping cool and moist in mud puddles and bogs. It could inflict Muddy (as well as burrow through the ground) by using its jaw to fling clumps of earth at hunters.

Some of its attacks were pretty unique, such as burrowing into the ground, sticking its back spines out, and discharging electricity. Not only that, but it would burrow, then charge at hunters, finishing up by jumping out of the ground and slide across the ground like a regular Lagiacrus. It would be able to venture into the dry, desert-like regions of the Barren Desert, as long as it frequently went back to muddy or watery areas.

Airborne Uragaan

I thought this idea was the coolest, but not exactly the most realistic, and a lot of you might think it was just stupid.

The concept was a yellowish Uragaan that expelled gas that inflicted Anti-Grav, allowing it to float in the air, then used the gas cloud to spin through the air like a UFO or to backflip while dissappating the cloud, ending with a massive chin pound. Like the other Uragaans, it would have lived in the Magma Mountain and eaten rocks to restore stamina.

Admit it, it's stupid.

Lava Dobo

This idea, for me, was even better than Snow Dobo. This subspecies would have inhabited the Magma Mountain, as well as the Military Bastion. Instead of humps on its back, it would have small volcanoes that spewed fireballs, as well as one on its tail. During certain attacks such as its tail pounds or body slams, the tail would shoot a couple of fireballs that would land around the tail. When Lava Dobo roared, fireballs would stream out of its humps and fall all around it (kind of like Guran-Miraosu).

If the tail and humps were broken, fireballs would just spray out every which way, as the funnels of the volcanoes would no longer exist. This would mean that instead of a stream of fireballs, the tail and back vents would uncontrollably spit fireballs everywhere. My favorite idea was when it performed its Merry-go-Round, fireballs would shoot out of the tail as it went.

Emperor Bulbax and Burrowing Snagret

Anyone out there play a game called Pikmin 2? If so, you'll know these names.

I was playing Pikmin 2 one day, battling the Emperor Bulbax, when it created a deafening roar, scattering my Pikmin army in a panic. I thought, "Oh, kind of like Monster Hun-", then it clicked. I instantly imagined fighting the Emperor in the Volcano of MH Tri.

Thus, this idea was born. The Emperor Bulbax would feed on insects to restore stamina (like Barroth), and would have several attacks, such as a body slam, tongue lash, backwards charge, and saliva spit. The Snagret would live in the Sandy Plains, and would attack with beak strikes, underground lunges, and a pivoting attack where it dragged its body across the ground in a 360 degree circle. The two monsters would share attack, roar, feeding, and death animations with their Pikmin 2 counterparts.

I had other ideas for Pikmin 2 / Monster Hunter Tri crossovers, such as Titan Dweevil and Waterwraith, but I'm not going to post them all.

Archii, Varchii, and Larchii

These three are Bird Wyverns based off of the prehistoric bird Archaeopteryx (actually, Archaeopteryx has been proven to be 100% feathered dinosaur and not a bird at all). All could fly, similarly to Remobra, but can also attack from the ground like Velociprey or Jaggi.

Varchii were poisonous, attacking from the air with their sickle-like foot claws (inspiration from Fossil Fighters: all of the raptors were poisonous). Larchii could spit fire and run through magma. Their bosses, Great Archii, Great Larchii, and Great Varchii, would be fought similarly to Rathalos/Great Jaggi.

Archii would be found in the Forested Spring, Wet Rainforest, and Idyllic Ocean. Varchii would inhabit the Frozen Wastes and Ancient Spire. Larchii would live in the Barren Desert and Magma Mountain.

The idea was just stupid, and I never really considered putting them in MH3D.

Ice Lagiacrus

This thing was, in my eyes, a great idea. It would be a land-based Lagiacrus that attacked by absorbing heat through its back spines, thus creating ice and snow blasts and shockwaves that it could attack with. Obviously, it was going to be found in the Frozen Wastes, but also the Magma Mountain, where there was plenty of heat to absorb. Admittedly, it would only be found in the forested areas of the volcano.

I was going to put this in MH3D - but then the White Lagiacrus was released. I was crushed.


Cephalos had a "boss" in MHFU, in the form of Cephadrome, so I thought, "Why shouldn't the Delex?"

Deledrome is basically a huge Delex with a darker color scheme and a second, smaller fin on its back. I never really thought much about its attacks, though, as I scrapped the idea almost as soon as I thought about it.

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